How does Campbell support recycling and/or biodegradable materials?

Like you, we know that the small choices we make, such as the packaging we use, can make a big difference over time. Across our brands, we are working to make our packaging more sustainable. For example, beginning in Fall 2019, V8 Fusion and V8 Blends moved from shrink-wrapped labels to wrap labels, which can easily be removed in the recycling process so the plastic bottle itself can now be recycled with ease. We also cut packaging waste for our Kettle Brand chip bags by 43 percent! This change will keep 2 million pounds of plastic out of landfills each year.

To help our consumers better understand how to properly dispose of and recycle our packaging, we are beginning to add the How2Recycle label to many of our brands. Of course, recycling is subject to local guidelines, so we suggest you check your town’s rules to confirm what materials are recyclable in your area.