Will Campbell make a product or monetary donation to my organization?

Each year, Campbell Soup Company and our Campbell Soup Foundation receive thousands of requests for donations of funds and products. While we would like to contribute to every worthy cause, our funding is limited to organizations that are positively impacting the development of healthy communities where Campbell has operations in the U.S., with a particular focus on increasing access to healthy food, encouraging healthy living, and nurturing Campbell neighborhoods.

The Campbell Soup Foundation does not provide product donations. Instead, Campbell directs its product donations to Feeding America, our nation’s largest food bank network, and its more than 200 member organizations. If you’re seeking a product donation, please reach out to your local Feeding America food bank; you can access a link to Feeding America’s Food Bank Locator on our Campbell Soup Foundation site.

To learn more about the Campbell Soup Foundation and our grant guidelines, please visit the Foundation’s website. There you can find information on funding cycles, eligible institutions, and criteria for consideration, as well as access to the grant application portal.