Earth Week Series: Turning food waste into garden gold with composting

By: Melissa Donnelly, Manager Sustainability Integration and Metrics       If you’ve seen my past blog posts, you know I’m no stranger to recycling and sustainable living, but when it comes to food waste I have a soft spot. I’m sure many of you have heard of composting, but like me, you may not…

Taking a stance on food waste for a greater purpose

By: Melissa Donnelly, Manager of Sustainability Integration and Metrics, Corporate Social Responsibility at Campbell. I’ve tried to take a stance through the personal choices I make in my everyday life. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years, I’m a strong advocate for recycling, and I compost all of the food waste I generate at home….

Trash talking on America Recycles Day

  I’ve been a committed recycler since I was young. This dedication has resulted in some hoarding – most recently of plastic bags that I am determined to keep out of a landfill. It’s also resulted in some uncomfortable discussions with friends and co-workers when I call them out on placing a recyclable item in…