MSG – Why use MSG in products?

MSG is lower in sodium compared with table salt (sodium chloride). It contains only 13 percent sodium compared to 39 percent sodium in table salt. This means a small amount of MSG can be used instead of salt to create an appealing savory flavor. This is particularly useful when making great tasting foods which have reduced sodium…

GMO – Are foods made with GMO ingredients safe?

We believe that food from crops which may be genetically modified, such as canola, corn, soybean, and sugar beet, is safe. Science shows that it is not nutritionally different from other foods and that these crops play an important role in feeding the world. We will continue to use these ingredients so our food remains…

GMO – Why do we use GMOs?

In America many farmers who grow canola, corn, soybean and sugar beet choose to use genetically modified seeds and have done so for nearly twenty years because it reduces costs and improves yields. More than 90% of these four crops in America are currently grown using genetically modified seeds. These crops are used to make…

GMO – What are GMOs?

GMO is short for “genetically modified organisms.” It is sometimes called genetic engineering or bioengineering and refers to a process where desirable traits or characteristics are introduced into an organism. Genetically modified is also called genetically engineered.

How can I find out the cholesterol level of a Campbell product?

Check out the nutrition label on the product. We follow all government regulations regarding product labeling, including listing cholesterol values on product packaging. Please remember to check the package every time, because product recipes change frequently and ingredients are periodically added and replaced.