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5 Reasons We Love Working with Our Interns

Life at Campbell’s

By: Etana Pizzo, University Program and Talent Identification Lead


Summer is in full swing and so is our intern program! This summer, we have 56 hardworking fresh minds between our Camden, Norwalk, Maxton and Napoleon locations. Their work is often project-based so they make important contributions to our teams across the company.

Our interns develop valuable skills and have access to opportunities that can be used as they move on to their future careers. And sometimes, they even stay or come back to work with us down the road!



Here are my 5 reasons why our interns mean a great deal to us:


1. Fresh faces bring renewed energy

Interns bring enthusiasm, fresh ideas, cutting edge skills and love for the Campbell brand to the workplace. Their energy and eagerness to help transform our organization is contagious!


2. They make a name for themselves

Through project assignments – and even seeking out their own – our Interns gain valuable skills in leadership, planning and prioritizing, project management, relationship building and communication. Having an extra set of hands around means interns get to work on a wide range of projects through which they will develop new skills and learn more about the industry.


3. They’re new, hands-on and hungry (for a bright future!)

Career development is a key focus of our program. In addition to their individual projects within their departments, we offer Interns a variety of workshops, including building a network from scratch, creating and strengthening resumes, LinkedIn profile development and tips on finding lasting mentors or sponsors.


4. They build bridges & connections

Interns have the opportunity to meet and engage with employees at all levels in their fields of study and even our extended communities. These connections can often grow into relationships that are beneficial to both Campbell’s culture as well as their own career aspirations.


5. They have each other’s backs

We connect our interns to each other in advance of their start date to promote early collaboration and relationship building. Having a strong peer community enhances their overall summer experience and gives them a place to start or expand their networks. Our Interns have just as much to learn from each other as they do from us!


We’re on an exciting journey and our interns are thrilled to be a part of our legacy and change efforts.


Cover photo: Ian Schneider

Life at Campbell’s

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