Voila! It's French Toast 'Swirl' Bread


A new limited edition Pepperidge Farm Swirl bread flavor, French Toast, hit store shelves nationally at the end of January and will only be around until April.

French toast is the latest flavor of the Swirl limited edition breads, following the holiday-inspired Gingerbread and popular fall flavors, Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spice. Similar to the other limited edition Swirl breads, the French Toast pack has flavor-inspired graphics a pitcher of syrup and cinnamon sticks.

Limited edition offerings create excitement about new flavors among consumers, and French toast rose to the top of a list of popular flavors that seemed fitting for the Swirl breads. In addition to loving Swirl as an easy, great-tasting and wholesome breakfast solution, consumers also frequently use Swirl breads in French Toast recipes, like in the French Toast Casserole pictured above.