Our Commitment on Palm Oil – Years of Daily Action

Perhaps you’ve seen more conversation lately about palm oil.  You may have even seen conversations asking Campbell to eliminate “conflict palm oil” from our supply chain. What you may not know is that we’ve been advancing a more sustainable palm oil supply chain over the last several years and we’re making significant progress. Campbell has worked closely with our suppliers, customers, partners and NGOs to promote the development and use of sustainable palm oil.

What does this mean? In short, it means that we’re taking this initiative seriously. First, we are significantly ahead of schedule to purchase 100% certified sustainably sourced palm oil by 2015. Second, Campbell has set targets to achieve zero net deforestation by 2020 by working with a range of suppliers to drive more sustainable sourcing for other ingredients and packaging.

To ensure that no deforestation or degradation occurs from the sourcing of our raw materials, we must work with stakeholders in our supply chain, from farmers, processors and suppliers all the way to consumers. In particular, we will work with suppliers in high-risk regions as well as NGOs, governments and local communities where we source.

Working closely with these stakeholders will ensure compliance with our principles and guidelines. These include:

  • Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO): We will purchase from RSPO-certified suppliers (or equivalent standard) who adhere to the Roundtable’s principles and criteria outlined on their website
  • Deforestation and Degradation 
    • The purchased palm oil has not led to deforestation, degradation or the destruction of wildlife habitats, particularly for the conversion of natural forest to commercial use, urbanization or other land application.
    • The purchased palm oil will not contribute to the loss of High Conservation Values Areas (HCVA), as defined by the HCVA Resource Network.
    • The purchased palm oil will not harm or clear forest areas of “high carbon” value.
    • The purchased palm oil will not contribute to the destruction of peatlands or forests.

As a food company, we believe we can make our biggest impact through our primary business activities, and we’re always trying to improve. That’s why we are committed to continue working with our partners and NGOs to ensure that we consult with leading experts in the areas that matter most to our environment, our business and our consumers. Some days may be a “day of action” for many, but for us here at Campbell, it’s one more day of progress toward sustainable, traceable and conflict-free palm oil. You can learn more about our efforts here –