Who Helps You Mom?

Raising a child is a singular experience, but it’s rarely done single-handedly. Indeed, especially as today’s definition of “family” expands beyond the traditional stereotype of two parents and a couple of kids, moms rely on a diverse network of family and friends to help them succeed.

In honor of Mother’s Day – observed in Canada, the U.S., Australia, China, and many other countries yesterday, Sunday, May 10 – Campbell Canada tapped into the social media conversations at #theMotherhood to celebrate the wonderful things moms – and their network of family and friends – bring into their children’s lives.

“We know that moms are amazing and that they manage to do so much for so many people,” said Karen Lee, Director-Activation and Integrated Marketing Communications. “But moms know that it takes a village to make the awesome people of tomorrow a possibility. So now, moms can give a little love back and welcome those people who help them out into #theMotherhood.”

Since Monday, May 4, the team has posted three heartwarming videos asking Canadian moms the question, “Who helps you mom?” then surprising those individuals who helped them by delivering a special message of thanks.

Emily helps her sister Mercedes, and brother-in-law Claude, raise their three children. “I am so glad that you are with me all the time, by my side, and I love you,” Mercedes said in a video before presenting Emily with Campbell’s gift of a flight home to the Philippines to spend time with her own mom.

Single mom and entrepreneur Saadia is grateful to her parents, Muzaffar and Fouzia, for co-parenting her son. Campbell surprised the family with a weekend getaway.

“They’re incredible together…. She treats him the way I do,” said Melissa of her son’s stepmom, Lena. Campbell facilitated Melissa’s personal, touching message to Lena, and gave the family a weekend getaway.

“We knew that for many moms, the reality of parenting today is relying on a network of support to help raise their families,” said Jennifer Blackburn, Director of Soup and Simple Meals, Campbell Canada. “We wanted to give these moms a platform to acknowledge the wonderful people in their lives who help them by sparking a movement to welcome them to #theMotherhood. It’s so important to pause to show our gratitude. And for a little fun, we decided to surprise them with some recognition for what they do for moms every day.”