Cooking up a comeback for a 100-year-old Tomato Soup Recipe

This month Campbell is taking you back 100 years and deep into our archives. In the back of the vault we discovered our founder’s original 1915 Campbell’s Beefsteak Tomato Soup recipe and decided to not only make the original recipe once again, but package and share a limited batch with our consumers.


Many of us have moments like this. You’re going through an old collection of pictures and keepsakes and happen to find a gem. You pull it out, set it aside and share it with family and friends. It triggers memories of the past, brings people together and reminds you of your heritage—where you came from.


For us, that heritage gives a deeper meaning to what we’re doing every day


With the food industry undergoing some pretty sizeable shifts to respond to changing consumer demand for simple and real food, the Dr. John Dorrance recipe reminded us that he pioneered the idea of bringing real food to consumers and was ahead of his time. He gave us a heritage that we can be proud of—that taps into our purpose as a food company.


We made a limited supply of 10,000 jars using seasonal New Jersey beefsteak tomatoes from southern New Jersey farms. The original Beefsteak Tomato Soup features a perfect balance of texture and sweet and tart flavors — making it just as good as it was 100 years ago.


You can find Campbell’s Beefsteak Tomato Soup in select Cracker Barrel stores across New Jersey and Pennsylvania this January.


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  • Pineygirl123

    Drat – our NJ Cracker Barrels are miles and miles away. I hope you make this recipe permanent so we can experience it!

  • Dj

    We purchased a jar in Lancaster for one of my daughters and she said it was so much better than the soup in a can.

  • Nancy Thompson

    The article about this limited supply tomato soup just appeared in our local Courier Post a few days ago. My husband is a huge Campbells Tomato soup fan. So I thought I would go to Cracker Barrel and buy him one of the limited editions for Valentine”s Day. To my disappointment the Cracker Barrel in Mt. Laurel and Pennsville (the only two within an hours drive from my home) were sold out. Any chance of producing more than the initial 10,000 jars??

  • ponygirl0nj

    I bought several jars last year when it was available and it was so delicious. I really wish you would consider making this a regular or seasonal item available in stores.

  • Art Rardon

    This is the best Tomato soup ever! Please don’t stop making it! Your biggest Tomato soup fan!

  • SolidusRaccoon

    Just got these at a new Ollie’s that opened up. Amazing taste.