By: Jenn Nocito, Sr Labor & Employment Counsel at Campbell


For some Campbell parents, like me, every day is take your kids to work day. That’s because my youngest son, Luke, is enrolled at Campbell’s new state-of-the-art Family Center, which officially opened today.

I’ve had the benefit of having both my sons go through Campbell childcare.  Knowing my youngest is so close throughout the day is a great comfort, and I know many parents feel the same way.

It’s also nice to have the convenience of one less stop to make in the morning and evenings!

When you tour the Campbell Family Center, you see that it’s exceptional.



The Center is 17,000-square-feet, state-of-the-art and built with sustainability in mind, including energy-efficient equipment and high-efficiency water fixtures.

There are 13 classrooms, caring for infants up to 6-year-olds. Luke is enrolled in the kindergarten program and he’s well-prepared to enter first grade next year thanks to the curriculum.

There’s a room devoted to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). There are interactive features like computers, a smartboard in the kindergarten and many of the classrooms have sensory tablets. In the 1,000-square-foot movement room there’s a rock wall to help our kids burn some energy, especially on rainy days when they can’t get outside.  And naturally… as you would expect at a Campbell facility – there’s a cooking area!



What’s got the kids most excited, however, is the 9,200-square foot playground! It’s divided into two age-appropriate areas for younger and older children. The grounds have gardening tubs so our kids can earn their green thumbs. And you’ll see that the playground surface is made of rubber so we can say goodbye to the days of dumping the sand and dirt out of our kid’s shoes after a fun day outside!



Both my kids are excited to spend time at the Campbell’s Family Center.  It’s a place where you’ll see kids learning in a fun, safe and interactive environment.

I, like many other Campbell parents, am grateful everyday to have access to this center and Campbell’s family benefits.