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Campbell's Camden Headquarters

Our road to office re-entry


Our primary focus is the well-being and safety of our teams. As we plan for the re-entry of our employees at office-based locations around the country, we are taking a pragmatic and thoughtful approach and carefully considering every step to get people back to the office safely.

As our CEO, Mark Clouse, recently shared with employees, we recognize the topic of re-entry to offices creates a variety of emotions – some people are apprehensive about returning while others can’t wait to get back.

Our overarching principles are to re-enter offices on a need-based, phased approach by role. We will follow the U.S. Government’s Gating Criteria, which includes a 14-day downward trajectory of documented cases or positive cases as a percent of total tests. We will then wait an additional two-weeks after the region meets the gating criteria to ensure no evidence of a rebound. As geographies across North America begin to re-open consistent with these gating criteria, we will work to do the same at our offices. As we do slowly return to offices, we will implement safety protocols at our office locations, similar to those that have proven successful in our front-line field operations.

The first group of employees to re-enter offices will be no sooner than mid-June. It will be a small group—less than 200 people across offices in North America—consisting of people working on critical innovation, commercialization, and supply chain projects, as well as facilities management teams and a handful of other functions. These roles were selected because their work is critical – and remote working hinders their work.

We will approach this with a focus on doing what’s right and that begins and ends with the well-being and safety of our entire team.

Campbell's Road to Office Re-entry


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