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Real Food makers bring farmers’ market style sauces to your table


It’s summer here in southern New Jersey, where vine-ripened tomatoes from the local produce stand are a mouthwatering highlight of the season. Whether you call it a fruit or a vegetable, the Jersey tomato is a beloved icon in our state, and on our tables.

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Our own Alan Slesinksi, Program Manager, Product Development, visits his favorite farm market this time of year to pick up these fresh, savory tomatoes so he can hand-grind them, add some garlic and salt and olive oil, and create, as he calls it, “sauce as it should be.”


That homestyle experience inspired our new Prego Farmers’ Market™ sauces, made with ingredients picked at the peak of freshness. Alan and Chef Carrie Welt collaborated with marketers, research and development and design teams to create tomato sauces that consumers agreed were the most authentic and best-tasting.

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“We tried to keep it as simple as possible,” Chef Carrie said. “When we delivered that hand-squeezed, homemade texture, everyone in the room pointed at it and said, ‘That’s what we want to make. You’re on the right track. Go, go!’” Once Chef Carrie closed in on the recipe and texture, our product development team went to work on re-creating that same hand-squeezed texture only at a larger scale.

Even though the recipes are made in large numbers, the flavor, the texture and even the Mason jar packaging of these sauces – in Classic Marinara, Roasted Garlic, and Tomato Basil – are reminiscent of the farm-to-table recipes you’d enjoy from your own kitchen – or from Alan’s.


Alan and Chef Carrie carefully crafted sauces inspired by our Real Food Philosophy; food with roots, made with recognizable and desirable ingredients and something we’d be proud to share in our own home.


“We reinvented it from the ground up,” Alan said. “I feel like I had a big part in not only in the inspiration, but in delivering the best product we could.”


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