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slow cooker vegetable and butternut squash soup

Planning holiday meals for guests with special diets


Gathering with friends and family can be the best part of the holiday season. But, when guests arrive with unexpected dietary restrictions or allergies, your party can quickly feel stressful. Here are some ways to stay organized and offer a menu that everyone can enjoy! 

Plan ahead 

Give yourself a little time to plan your gathering to limit stress and enjoy your time with friends and family the day of the event. Simple things like planning your menu, connecting with guests about special diet needs, and prepping whatever you can ahead are all helpful.

Day of the event 

The day of the event should be fun and stress-free, especially if you plan ahead. Here are some tips to help it go even more smoothly and to make everyone feel included:  

We hope these tips help you navigate food restrictions. Planning ahead to accommodate guests with special dietary needs is key to hosting a stress-free gathering. For more recipe inspiration, check out our article on common dietary restrictions and recipes everyone is sure to love.


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