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What’s new for soup season?

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Whether you’re cozying up by the fire or live where the sun always shines, there’s no denying it’s officially soup season. Our Meals & Beverages team has been hard at work the past few months launching our latest soup innovations—and they are hearty, crunchy, creamy, and spicy!

Check these soups out:

Campbell’s Well Yes! POWER Soup Bowls

Love the goodness of Campbell’s Well Yes! soups? Then you’re going to love the latest Well Yes! creation from the team—POWER Soup Bowls!

“Our research showed us that our consumers gravitated towards the idea of a convenient soup bowl crafted with a combo of protein, fiber, and veggies.”

– Emily Repshas, Associate Brand Manager, Meals & Beverages

Like the brand’s microwaveable sipping soups, the latest from Well Yes! comes in its own microwave-safe bowl. The soups have 8-13 grams of protein, at least one serving of veggies, and are a good source of fiber with no artificial flavors or preservatives added.

Try them all in varieties like:

Well Yes! POWER Soup Bowls

Campbell’s Chunky Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup 

Culinary and consumer trends have shown that people’s palates have been adapting to bolder, spicier flavors, and as the team dove deeper into the spicy trend, we noticed a gap in our soup offerings.

So, Consuelo Gonzalez from our soup product development team and Chef Omar Rivera from our culinary team set out to merge the spicy trend with the trend for consumers looking for more comfort foods.

A few years ago, Chef Omar and Consuelo went on a business trip to Mexico City, where they scouted food markets, grocery stores, street food stalls and restaurants in search of chilis, hot sauces, and salsas. They were able to take the learnings from that trip to build the spicy version of Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup while maintaining all the elements everyone loves about the original soup—and they developed it in a record three weeks!

“Consuelo and I both grew up in Mexican households, so we’ve been exposed to a variety of chilis and spice levels from an early age. Adding a pop of the bold spice we grew up with into our products is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while!”

– Chef Omar Rivera

The result? A twist to a classic flavor: Chunky Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup.

Campbell’s Chunky Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup

Campbell’s Soup with Crunch Toppings

Perfect for a convenient snack, Campbell’s brought some of your favorite soup and snack combos together in these new easy-to-make and easy-to-eat snacking soups.

“We know people love adding their favorite Campbell Snacks, like Goldfish crackers and Snack Factory pretzel crisps, to their soups, so we made it even easier for them to enjoy them together! It was the perfect partnership between both of our business divisions.”

– Emily Repshas, Associate Brand Manager, Meals & Beverages

This convenient snack size comes in the following varieties: Campbell’s Classic Tomato with Original Goldfish crackers; Campbell’s Double Noodle with Original Goldfish crackers; Campbell’s Chicken & Rice with oyster crackers; and Campbell’s Tomato and Stars with mini Snack Factory pretzel crisps.

Campbell’s Soup with Crunch Toppings

Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Oat Milk Soups

The first-to-market, organic oat milk-based soups are here, coming straight from our Pacific Foods team!

The team created these plant-based, USDA organic and vegan soups after observing the following trends:

  1. Continued growth of plant-based milk products and reduction of dairy-based products
  2. Growth in consumer desire to get more plant-based products into their diets
  3. Overall growth in oat milk usage and purchase in the market

“More and more people—especially Gen Z and millennial consumers—are seeking out plant-based dairy alternatives. We were already making these alternatives, including oat milk, so it only made sense to incorporate oat milk into our latest soup innovation!”

– Greg Winget, Consumer Insights Manager, Pacific Foods

The new creamy oat milk-based soups come in Cumin Carrot and Garden Tomato flavors.

Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Oat Milk Soup in Garden Tomato

Explore all Campbell’s and Pacific Foods soups and broths to find your favorite this soup season (but hey—that’s every season to us!).

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