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Campbell Recognizes Employees for Taking Charge of Their Health

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CAMDEN, N.J., Mar 09, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB) today announced three winners of
the company’s “Lifestyle Change Award,” a program designed to recognize
employees who have made healthy lifestyle changes, positively influenced
others to improve their health or achieved a health-related goal.

The Lifestyle Change Award is given to employees who have committed to
making and sustaining one or more healthy lifestyle changes, such as
tobacco cessation, physical activity, weight management, healthy eating
habits and stress management.

Selected from 68 entries from 19 different Campbell sites in North
America, the 2009 Lifestyle Change Awards went to Amanda Hershon from
Campbell’s world headquarters in Camden, N.J.; Kenneth Faulkner, from
Campbell’s Paris, Texas plant; and Sarah Knight, from Campbell’s
Pepperidge Farm Denver, Pa. facility. Winners received a $500 cash
award, company-wide recognition and a basket of “Campbell’s Healthy
Request” products.

“Campbell values our people, and we actively encourage employees to take
charge of their health,” said Nancy Reardon, Chief Human Resources and
Communications Officer, Campbell Soup Company. “These three employees,
along with all the Lifestyle Change Award nominees, have made
extraordinary changes to their lives and have inspired friends, families
and co-workers. We strive to offer programs and tools that can help
employees better understand and manage their health. This ultimately
leads to better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs for employees
and for Campbell.”

Details on Winners

When Amanda Hershon received the results of Cambpell’s Health Station
Tour last year, she knew it was finally time to make a change. “For the
majority of my life, I have been what would be considered thin and
healthy, so admitting that I no longer fit in that category a couple of
years ago was something I avoided,” said Hershon.

Hershon became a member of Campbell’s Health and Fitness Center and
participated in Campbell’s Navy Seals program, which helped her
establish a regular exercise regiment. She credits her 30-pound weight
loss to the support of friends, family and colleagues.

Kenneth Faulkner, Campbell’s Paris, Texas plant, suffered a heart
attack while repairing air conditioners in June of 2009. He barely made
it out of the Paris city limits, before he stopped at a local pizza
parlor and asked for water. After trying to cool down, an ambulance was
called. “They put a monitor on me and one of the guys in the ambulance
said you’re having a heart attack. I was 46 years old,” Faulkner said.

Faulkner received stents to correct the blockages in his arteries. Since
his heart attack, Faulkner has quit smoking, walks two miles a day, lost
40 pounds and checks his blood pressure regularly, which is now at a
normal level. He also has added more fruits and vegetables to his diet.
Faulkner has influenced his wife Judy, also a Campbell employee, to quit

Sarah Knight, Pepperidge Farm’s Denver, Pa. plant, got a wake up
call at her doctor’s office in 2008 when she stepped on a scale and was
told she was considered morbidly obese. Knight started her weight loss
journey by entering a Biggest Loser competition at her local recreation
center. “I wasn’t ready for someone to write that down,” said Knight. “I
decided I was going to change my life. I was 38 years old and couldn’t
even run a mile.”

By working out with a trainer twice a week, Knight now runs five to
seven miles per work out and can complete a mile in nine minutes. Along
with diet and exercise, Knight credits her family, her exercise group
and her colleagues at work as the keys to her success. Her lifestyle
change helped her lose 109 pounds. But she says her journey isn’t over.
She is training for a half marathon. “I’m excited about this award, but
I’m still pushing myself.”

Campbell’s Innovative Health & Wellness Programs

Campbell is committed to cultivating a healthy workplace and to
supporting employees’ health and well-being. The company has steadily
increased its focus on health and wellness both in the marketplace with
its leading portfolio of healthy products, such as lower sodium soups
and breads, and in the workplace with innovative programs and benefits
designed to improve the well being of employees and their families.

Campbell offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to promoting
healthy lifestyles and fosters a culture of wellness through benefit
design and worksite wellness programs. The company provides a broad
range of innovative services, including:

Other programs include lifestyle management coaching, worksite wellness,
smoking cessation, preventive care coverage, value-based prescription
drug initiatives and disease management.

Campbell’s health programs have been nationally recognized. For three
consecutive years, Campbell has been honored by the National Business
Group on Health as one of the nation’s leading corporations for
innovative programs promoting a healthy workplace and for helping
employees and their families to make better choices about their health
and well-being, and recognized by the American Heart Association as a
“Fit Friendly Company.”

About Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer and marketer of
high-quality foods and simple meals, including soup, baked snacks, and
healthy beverages. Founded in 1869, the company has a portfolio of
market-leading brands, including “Campbell’s,” “Pepperidge Farm,”
“Arnott’s,” and “V8.” For more information on the company, visit
Campbell’s website at

SOURCE: Campbell Soup Company

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