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Harvesting the Power of the Sun



Recently, we announced a new 4.4-megawatt (MW) solar power project at our World Headquarters in Camden, N.J., which will generate the equivalent of approximately 20% of our campus’s energy. Once the system comes online in fall 2017, it will be the largest solar array in the city of Camden. This is a big step toward ensuring we are implementing renewable energy technologies where feasible. But Camden isn’t the only place where we are working with partners to harvest energy from the sun.


In 2012, our first solar array came online at our Napoleon, Ohio facility – Campbell’s largest U.S. manufacturing location. This 9.8-MW capacity solar power generation system sits on 60 acres and provides the equivalent of approximately 15% of the electricity the Napoleon plant requires annually to create our delicious soups and beverages.


Our second solar array came online in 2015 at our Pepperidge Farm bakery in Bloomfield, Connecticut. The 1-MW solar array generates the equivalent of 15% of the bakery’s annual energy demand. Additionally, Bloomfield is home to two fuel cells, the second of which was installed just last year. The two fuel cells, combined with the solar array, generate the equivalent of more than 100% of the bakery’s electricity demand. Excess energy is sold back to the grid.

A pivot irrigation system at Bolthouse Farms.

While contributing renewable energy to the grid is important for our offices and plants, we are also utilizing solar on carrot farms in California. At Bolthouse Farms, we use pivot irrigation systems to water our crops and we power this system in part through renewable energy provided by solar panels. The two solar array systems here are 1.6-MW combined. Pivot irrigation is a water-efficient way to hydrate our carrots. This irrigation system provides uniform water application, which ensures more efficient hydration of the carrot crop on more than 1600 acres of farmland in Southern California.

For more information on our renewable energy projects, check out our CSR report.


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