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Trusted Food

We make delicious, wholesome, accessible food you love—made with quality ingredients you can trust.

Advancing health and well-being

Mom feeding Prego and spaghetti to her daughter.

We believe in helping people eat well with wholesome options that promote positive nutrition and include ingredients like vegetables and whole grains. We’re proud to offer nutritious, high-quality foods available at an affordable price.


Establishing new nutrition metrics 

Our Nutrition and Health Sciences team worked with external nutrition experts to develop new metrics to measure our portfolio’s nutritional performance. These metrics measure our better-for-you products, track our progress to reduce negative nutrients, and quantify the affordability and accessibility of our foods.

Our progress

accessible food

71 %

of our products in our M&B division meet the requirements for at least one federal nutrition program helping to increase food security and reduce hunger. 

nutrition focused foods

56 %

of our products meet our criteria for nutrition focused foods.

affordable food

53 %

of our M&B division recipes for family meals cost less than $3 per serving.

95% of homes in the U.S. have at least one Campbell product.  Because of our scale, we can make nutritious food accessible to millions of people every day.

Alexandria Hast, PhD, RDN, Senior Manager, Nutrition & Health Sciences

Campbell Soup Company Innovations

Driving health and well-being innovation

Nutritious, whole food ingredients and plant-based alternatives are among the trends driving innovation at Campbell. We’ve recently introduced several new products along with new recipes of tried-and-true favorites.

Well Yes! Power Bowls

Better-for-you options 

We expanded our line of Well Yes! soups—a better-for-you option with grains, vegetables, and lean protein—to include new varieties with on-trend nutritious ingredients like bone broth, cauliflower, and chickpeas.

Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Plant-Based Broth

New plant-based alternatives

We introduced new delicious plant-based options, like two new Well Yes! soups with plant-based Chick’n, and Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Plant-Based Broths with six grams of organic plant-based protein in each serving.

New 100% vegetable juices

V8 launched Carrot Ginger and Beet Ginger, our two new 100% vegetable juices. Each provides two full servings of vegetables in every 8-ounce glass and is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc.

Promoting animal welfare

Pacific Chickens

Many of our products—including soups, broths, cookies, and crackers—are made with animal-based ingredients. We remain dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and partner with our suppliers and industry experts to advance our shared goals. 

Our goals

We are committed to working with our suppliers so that:

Cage-free eggs

100 %

of our eggs will be cage-free by the end of 2025. 

Gestation crate-free pork

100 %

of our pork will be gestation crate-free by the end of 2022.

Broiler chicken welfare

100 %

of our chicken meat will come from birds raised in improved environments, including litter and enrichments, by 2024.

Operating transparently

Baby Tomato Plant

At Campbell, we believe in doing what’s right and being transparent about what’s in our food, where it comes from, and how it’s made. For more than 150 years, we’ve cultivated relationships with our suppliers that have enabled us to ensure food quality and safety. To maintain our high-quality standards through the pandemic, our teams had to get creative with in-plant and remote taste testing. This agile way of working has contributed to a 9.8% reduction in consumer complaints since last fiscal year.

What’s in my food

Our brand webpages are the first stop for people who want to know more about our food. We used to provide ingredient and sourcing information in a separate What’s In My Food website. In 2021, we incorporated information about key ingredients and nutrition facts right onto our brand webpages, making it easier for you to know what’s in your favorite foods.

Strengthening food safety through cross-functional collaboration

Our Quality and Food Safety team has expertise across many disciplines, including sanitation, process safety, microbiology, toxicology, and chemistry.

This team conducts annual internal training sessions covering topics related to food safety. In 2021, joined by our key suppliers, the sanitation team led eight virtual training sessions on plant hygiene. These sessions covered topics like the chemistry of cleaning, sanitation design, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and data reporting.

To help ensure product safety, we’ve designed a new laboratory so that we can sample and test many of our products in-house.

The pandemic presented many new challenges and required new ways to maintain our high-quality standards. Our Quality and Food Safety team got creative and used both in-person and remote tasting to monitor ongoing product quality from our manufacturing sites.

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