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Toy train featuring Campbell’s, SpaghettiOs, V8 and Swanson in packaging with toy tracks.

How many of these toys do you remember? 

Campbell’s History

The holiday season is here! To celebrate, we went into our archives and dug up some toys of holidays past. These have been added to our expansive collection over the years, dating back as far as the 1950s. How many do you recognize? 

Campbell’s Holiday Train Set

A fun addition around the tree or to play conductor, this train set from the 1980s features a complete train of our brands, including Campbell’s, Swanson, SpaghettiOs and V8, a track, electric controls and signs.  

Toy train featuring Campbell’s, SpaghettiOs, V8 and Swanson in packaging with toy tracks.
Toy train featuring Campbell’s, SpaghettiOs, V8 and Swanson.

Collectible Toy Cars

These two cars were released in the 1990s and early 2000s and feature our Pepperidge Farm and Pace brands.  

Pepperidge Farm toy truck and Pace toy race car
Pepperidge Farm and Pace toy cars.

Alphabet Soup Barbie

A special edition Barbie doll from 1999, the doll features an insulated container of Campbell’s Alphabet Soup and package of Goldfish

Alphabet Soup Barbie in packaging, featuring Campbell’s and Goldfish.
Alphabet Soup Barbie, featuring Campbell’s and Goldfish.

Snyder’s of Hanover Skateboard 

Get twisted with this limited-edition Snyder’s of Hanover skateboard.   

Snyder’s of Hanover skateboard.
Snyder’s of Hanover skateboard.

Campbell’s Wagon 

Cruise down the sidewalk in this 1950s-inspired Campbell’s wagon that came out in 2003. 

Campbell’s 1950s-inspired wagon.
Campbell’s 1950s-inspired wagon.

Campbell’s Chuckwagon Set 

Manufactured in the 1950s, the set mirrors ones used in chuckwagons that stored and transported food and cooking equipment on the prairies of the United States and Canada in the 1800s. The set includes six miniature cans of Campbell’s soup, pans, bowls, napkins and a cookbook.  

Campbell’s Chuck Wagon Set with cooking utensils, dishes and record.
Campbell’s Chuck Wagon Set.

Plush Toys 

From the Chunky dog to TheO, cozy up with these plush companions.  

Plush toys of Campbell's Chunky dogs and SpaghettiOs TheO
Plush toys of SpaghettiOs’ TheO and Campbell’s Chunky dog.

Alphabet Suzie  

Alphabet Suzie came out in 2002 and features a denim jumper and shirt printed with alphabet letters, a bowl of alphabet soup, battery-operated “spelling, talking, rhyming” spoon, and, of course, a can of Campbell’s Alphabet Soup.   

Campbell’s Alphabet Suzie doll in packaging.
Campbell’s Alphabet Suzie doll.

Curious to see what else is in our archives? Visit our history page.

Campbell’s History

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