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chicken and sweet potato skillet
Health & Nutrition

Our Approach to Nutrition

We make wholesome and nutritious food that helps people meet their health and well-being goals.  

Our commitment to nutrition

Our nutrition team is committed to providing options that are:

  1. Nutrition focused
  2. Lower in negative nutrients
  3. Affordable and accessible

Our commitments in action

We believe in the power of eating well and strive to help people meet their individual goals with delicious, convenient, and affordable options.

Pacific Tomato Soup

Nutrition focused options

We know that people rely on our foods to help them feed their families, follow their health & well-being goals, and nourish their bodies. We are proud to offer options that taste great and make nutrition a little more delicious and convenient.

Offering nutritious options

V8 vegetable juice

source of vegetables

51 %

of M&B division products are a good source of vegetables.

V8 juice

Servings of vegetables

8.3 B

servings of veggies delivered to the marketplace in fiscal 2023.

whole grain bread and veggies

servings of whole grains

3.3 B

servings of whole grains delivered to the marketplace in fiscal 2023.

Tomato Soup


54 %

of sales from products meet our Nutrition Focused Foods criteria.

Options that are lower in negative nutrients 

In addition to offering nutrition focused options, we also work to reduce and manage the calories, sodium, saturated fat and added sugar across our portfolio. Our Nutrition & Health Sciences team established nutrition guidelines to help advise product development. The team works closely with our food and culinary experts to manage product nutrition and deliver great tasting food.

family eating together

Lowering negative nutrients


87 %

of our snacks are 200 calories or less per serving.


68 %

of beverages have zero grams of added sugar.


68 %

of products meet our nutrition guidelines for product development.

Making food accessible and affordable

We are committed to making foods that are affordable, accessible, and delicious. Our brands can be found in pantries across the US and families cook with our food every day. Because of this scale, we have the opportunity to bring nutritious foods to millions of people every day.  

Offering accessible options

Low FODMAP Italian Quinoa Bake

Family meals

50 %

of M&B division recipes for family meals are less than $3 per serving.

Cauliflower & Lentil Stew

Accessible food

73 %

of M&B division products meet the criteria for at least one federal nutrition feeding program.

Our policies

We’re committed to transparency. Learn more about the policies that help guide our decisions.

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