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chicken and sweet potato skillet
Health & Nutrition

Our Approach to Nutrition

At Campbell, we focus on the well-being of our communities and our planet through our commitment to encouraging healthy eating, thriving communities, and sustainability.

Our commitments in action

Check out some of the work we’re doing to meet our goals.

family eating together

Encouraging people to gather

Food nourishes our bodies and our relationships. Our food encourages people to eat together more often and helps people create moments of connection, whether that’s at the dinner table or a virtual celebration.

school lunch


100 +

recipes (and counting) that meet Nutrition Standards for School Meals.

gold plate award


4 x

winner of the Gold Plate Award for our commitment to encouraging family meals.

woman holding soup

Helping people meet their unique health and well-being needs

From soups that help you meet your daily veggie needs or lower your sodium intake, to portion controlled and other better-for-you products, our brands are here to help.

Helping you eat more vegetables, whole grains, and fiber

tomato truck


10.5 B

servings of vegetables delivered to the marketplace in fiscal 2020.

tomato avocado soup


800 +

Campbell products with at least ½ serving of veggies.

bread and whole grains


1.5 B

servings of whole grains put into the marketplace in fiscal 2020.

whole grain bread and veggies


500 +

items provide a good or excellent source of fiber.

Options to help you manage sugar, sodium, and calories

bags of pretzels


50 %

of products across M&B and Snacks divisions contain 260mg or less of sodium per serving.

campbells healthy request chicken noodle soup


75 %

of products across M&B and Snacks divisions contain 480mg or less of sodium per serving.

v8 energy sparkling drink


45 %

of products contain 0g of added sugar.

pretzel crisp bag


90 %

of products have 200 calories or less per serving.

Emerald 100 Calorie Pack

Make food that people can feel good about eating

We’re committed to improving our portfolio through product renovation and innovation, and offering options that provide portion control or whole grains.

Setting a nutrition standard

Every brand in our Meals & Beverages division now has a nutrition standard for new launches. The standards, set by our nutrition experts, have limits on sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar.

Portfolio improvement

As we renovate existing products and launch new ones, we look for opportunities to decrease sodium and added sugar while providing more vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

Nutrition Newsletter

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Our impact

girl eating lunch

Building healthy communities

By 2025, we’re committed to increasing food access for 100,000 residents in Campbell communities, providing nutrition education to 50,000 people, and investing $5 million to improve the food served in schools.


Making sustainable foods

We’re committed to building a more sustainable food system, from the way we grow and source our ingredients to the way we make, package, and deliver our products.

farm tractor

Reducing food waste

We’re committed to reducing waste sent to landfills by 25% by 2025 and reducing food waste by 50% by 2030.


We’re committed to building a culture of transparency in order to increase our impact. Learn more about the policies that help guide our decisions and actions.