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Our Impact

Giving Back to Our Communities

We strengthen and empower healthy communities in our hometowns and support the neighborhoods where our employees live and work. It’s core to who we are and what we value. It matters to our employees and our partner organizations. And it’s the commitment we make as a company that cares.

Our focus

Our community work is focused on three core areas: Increasing access to healthy food, encouraging healthy living, and nurturing Campbell neighborhoods.

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Increase access to healthy food

Through food distribution programs, incentives like fresh food vouchers, new and innovative food access points, and community gardens, we help ensure our communities have access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food that nourishes the body and the spirit.

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Community spotlight

Healthy Corner Store Initiative

We partner with The Food Trust to support Camden’s corner stores in their efforts to stock and market fresh, healthy foods. Since the program started, we’ve helped over 40 stores serving 13 neighborhoods increase their fresh food offerings.

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Encourage healthy living

We know that access to good food is just one piece of the puzzle. To build healthy, thriving communities, people need to eat better and move more. So we support initiatives aimed at promoting nutrition education and encouraging physical activity.

Community spotlight

Supporting Big Green’s work to promote health and education

Big Green creates healthy places where kids can learn and grow, including in our Campbell community of Downers Grove, Illinois. Through their learning gardens, they connect education and health, increase access to healthy foods, and turn schoolyards into vibrant green spaces. 

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Nurture Campbell neighborhoods

Access to thriving public spaces can have a big impact on health in our local communities. So we work to transform our hometowns with renovated parks, trails, bike lanes, and safe streets.

Community spotlight

Partnering with the Trust for Public Land

We recently partnered with the Trust for Public Land to restore and improve 5 parks in Camden. These projects transformed the neighborhoods with beautiful public spaces where the community can gather, get outside, and stay active.

Our vision for the future

To build on our work and expand our impact, we’re committed to achieving these 5 goals by 2025.

increase food access for

100 K

residents in our communities.


$5 M

to improve the school food environment for children.


70 %

of our employees in community-based activities.


75 K

traditional and skills-based employee volunteer hours across our footprint to extend the reach of our community partners.

provide nutrition education to

50 K

people to encourage healthy living in our communities.

Investing in our communities

Through our grants and employee engagement, we’re proud to support programs that create lasting, positive change in our communities.

children in garden

Campbell Soup Foundation

Since 1953, the Campbell Soup Foundation has supported our hometown communities through grants, matching gifts, and nonprofit partnerships. 

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Signature programs

Since 2011, our investments have centered on our Campbell’s Healthy Communities program. We launched the 10-year, $10 million commitment to improve the health of young people in our hometown of Camden, New Jersey. With the program coming to an end, we’re using what we learned to inform what’s next—transforming the school food environment. 

Empowering our employees through Giving That Matters

We empower our employees to give back to causes they believe in. Through our Giving That Matters program, we match charitable gifts, provide volunteer grants, and support our employees in making an impact that matters to them. 

Providing relief during times of disaster

When disaster strikes, our communities count on us to help those affected. We take a two-tiered approach to disaster relief, starting with immediate food and financial aid followed by partnerships with local and national organizations to support long-term recovery. 

covid-19 relief

$9 M

in food and funds donated to COVID-19 relief in our communities.

hurricane relief

$250 K

in direct grants and product donations to hurricane relief in 2019 and 2020.

emergency Assistance


donated through our Emergency Assistance Foundation Fund to support evacuated employees during Oregon wildfires.

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