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Giving Back to Our Communities

Signature Programs

Our signature community affairs program, Campbell’s Healthy Communities, is a 10-year, $10 million dollar commitment we launched in 2011 to improve the health of young people in Camden, New Jersey. Now in its 10th year, we’re focused on taking the things we learned and incorporating them into what’s next—transforming the school food environment.

Campbell’s Healthy Communities program

Through Campbell’s Healthy Communities, we’re working to measurably improve the health of young people in our hometowns —with a special focus on Camden—by partnering with nonprofits, schools, health care sites, and food retailers to:

  • Improve access to healthy food
  • Provide nutrition education
  • Promote physical activity
  • Encourage stakeholder engagement

We’re proud to partner with passionate, talented organizations from a range of sectors as we take a Collective Impact approach to making real, lasting change in our communities.

kids in cafeteria

What we’ve accomplished so far

We’re proud of our progress over the last 9 years. Together with our core nonprofit partners, we’ve:

  • Created the largest citywide network of healthy corner stores in New Jersey,​ with over 40 stores that receive technical assistance to help them better source and merchandise fresh food.
  • Launched Camden’s first city-wide after school sports program, Soccer for Success. This program has served over 4,500 children since it began.
  • Added salad bars, monthly food tastings, and healthy menu changes at 3 of Camden’s KIPP schools​.
  • Incorporated food insecurity screenings into hospital intake processes.​
  • Helped our partners attract an additional $14 million in funding support as a result of participating in Campbell’s Healthy Communities.

Transforming school food

From the Campbell’s Healthy Communities program we’ve learned what works when it comes to making systemic change in our local communities. Our work in food access and nutrition has uncovered a distinct need to transform the school food environment—from cafeteria equipment, to cooking techniques, to menu reformulation. And that’s what we will focus on next. We’re in the planning stages now, laying the groundwork with some instrumental national partners to address school food and the school food environment.

school meals

30 M

children receive school meals each day.

our commitment

$5 M

invested by 2025 to improve the school food environment for children.

What we support

Our initial investments will help create a culture of health throughout the school district and include:

food service infrastructure

Ensuring food service staff and other key stakeholders have the equipment, training, and resources needed to execute successful and nutritious school meal programs.

Nutrition education

Expanding the reach and impact of nutrition and culinary education in a variety of school settings and audiences to drive behaviors, awareness, and interest in nutritious food.

procurement and menu changes

Supporting districts in procuring nutritious, local ingredients and re-writing school menus to emphasize those ingredients in a way that’s appealing to kids.

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