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Campbell History
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Campbell’s History

Highlights from over 150 years at your kitchen table.

We’ve been proudly making food for over 150 years. Our heritage is a testament to the iconic brands and delicious foods that our employees—past and present—created and continue to build upon today. Explore a few milestones along our journey.

The Early Days


Joseph Campbell, a wholesale fruit and vegetable vendor, and Abraham Anderson, a commercial canner and packer, form the firm of Anderson & Campbell in Camden, New Jersey. This would one day become Campbell Soup Company. 


Arthur Dorrance succeeds Joseph Campbell as president. Joseph Campbell retires, ending the association of the original founders, with Abraham Anderson having previously left the partnership in 1876.

Arthur Dorrance


First jar of ready-to-eat soup, Beefsteak Tomato, is introduced. New Jersey Beefsteak tomatoes had been our signature product for over 25 years, featured prominently on our labels and first trademark.


Dr. John T. Dorrance, Arthur’s nephew, invents the process of condensing soup, leading to smaller packaging: Cans! The invention makes soups more affordable for families while preserving the quality of the ingredients. 

John Dorrance


First red & white soup can label debuts after a company executive attends the annual Cornell-Penn football game and is impressed by Cornell’s new red and white uniforms.


The company wins a bronze medal for product excellence at the Paris Exposition. The medallion is added to the can label where it still appears to this day.

Good Housekeeping

did you know


Our first national ad campaign debuts in magazines like Good Housekeeping.

Trucks delivering Campbell's

DID you know


Campbell’s soup achieves national distribution.


We acquire Franco-American Food company, founded in 1886 and makers of condensed soup and canned pasta. This is our first acquisition.

Franco-American Food products

Introducing Campbell Soup Company


We adopt “Soup” as our middle name, officially becoming Campbell Soup Company.


We begin radio advertising with our iconic “M’m! M’m! Good!” jingle.


We introduce Campbell’s Noodle with Chicken and Cream of Mushroom soups. Noodle with Chicken became Chicken Noodle after a radio announcer misread an ad for the soup and the name stuck.


Campbell Test Kitchens open, with professionally trained home economists developing recipes using condensed soups—many of which would become classics. Today, you can find many of these recipes (and more that have been added since) online.


We acquire V8, founded in 1933 by W.G. Peacock in Evanston, Illinois. The acquisition includes a manufacturing location based in Napoleon, Ohio, opened in 1938. Today, V8 is the leading vegetable juice in the United States.


Campbell’s first television commercial premieres. The company goes on to sponsor highly-rated shows, including “Lassie” and “Peter Pan.”


Future President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, appears in a V8 ad.

Building on our Success

Campbell Soup Foundation


We launch the Campbell Soup Foundation, originally founded as the “Campbell Soup Fund,” which supports organizations driving transformative work in the communities we call home.


Campbell Soup Company goes public on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol CPB.


Campbell home economist, Dorcas Reilly, creates the iconic Green Bean Casserole recipe. Every Thanksgiving, this recipe is viewed 4 million times on our website. Find more fun facts about our Green Bean Casserole or make the recipe!


We open a new 136,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters less than a mile from our original location in Camden, New Jersey. This is still our home today.


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish debut. The first five flavors are: Lightly Salted (Original), Cheese, Pizza, Barbecue and Smoky. Today, Goldfish are among the world’s most popular snack crackers.

Becoming an Icon


Andy Warhol debuts Campbell’s Soup Cans paintings at the Ferus art gallery in Los Angeles.


SpaghettiOs debuts as “The greatest invention since the napkin.” Original varieties were “Original,” “Franks,” and “Little Meatballs.”


We launch Chunky soup, our first product geared specifically toward men. In 1997, Chunky soup becomes the Official Soup Sponsor of the NFL, with the birth of our famous Mama’s Boys campaign featuring NFL stars.


The Campbell Soup Foundation launches a Summer Program providing safe, constructive activities for thousands of Camden youth each year.

Child playing with giant parachute


We introduce Prego pasta sauces, becoming the #1 new dry grocery product of the decade. 


Our first child care center opens for Campbell families. In 2018 we celebrated the grand opening of a new state-of-the-art Family Center. 

Child Care Center original logo

did you know


Goldfish crackers blast into space onboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.

did you know


The 20 billionth can of Campbell’s Condensed Tomato soup is made. 

did you know


Campbell’s Healthy Request soups are introduced, providing a heart healthy and convenient soup option.


We acquire Pace Foods, a leading producer of salsa, founded by David Pace in San Antonio, Texas in 1947.


Goldfish crackers become “The Snack That Smiles Back” with the introduction of “Smiley,” and actual smiles on some of the crackers. This marks the first-ever alteration to Goldfish since the crackers launched in 1962.


We celebrate 100 years of Campbell’s condensed soup.

Looking Toward the Future


We launch our first Employee Resource Group (ERG), the Campbell African American Network. Today known as the Black Resource Group, it is one of almost a dozen ERGs across the company that help us continue to build a more inclusive workplace.


Goldfish Finn and Friends advertising campaign is first introduced.


We invest in the expansion of our World Headquarters in Camden, New Jersey by opening a new 80,000 square foot, silver-level LEED certified employee center. Our total footprint is now 750,000 square feet.


We launch Campbell’s Healthy Communities, a 10-year, $10-million commitment to improve the health of young people in our hometown of Camden, New Jersey. The program focuses on four areas that we believe make communities healthier: food access; physical activity; nutrition education; and public will.

Solar Panels at our Napoleon, Ohio plant


We dedicate a 9.8 megawatt solar field at our Napoleon, Ohio manufacturing location.


We launch a limited-edition series of cans of Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup with Andy Warhol-inspired labels to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the artist’s work.

Well Yes! 2016 ad


Campbell’s Well Yes! launches with 9 original varieties, including Roasted Chicken & Wild Rice.


We acquire Pacific Foods, maker of natural and organic broths, soups, and plant-based beverages, founded in Tualatin, Oregon in 1987.

Mark Clouse


Mark A. Clouse becomes our 14th president and CEO.


We celebrate 150 years of making delicious, affordable food for all.

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