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Strength in numbers: uniting our annual giving back campaign 


By: Amanda Bauman, Senior Manager Community Affairs


Each year, our United Way giving campaign connects us with millions of donors around the world–multiplying and maximizing our impact. Inspired by the United Way model, we are leveraging the power of collaboration as we launch this year’s campaign at Campbell.


For the first time in our history, we are unifying under one campaign


Fifteen U.S. campaigns will become ONE. Over 9,000 donors will share best practices, digital assets, success stories and campaign incentives. This will allow us to drive growth and ultimately help more people in need.


Our United Way campaigns are run by passionate volunteer captains. Historically, campaigns are run differently in each location. Some utilize online tools, while some still use paper pledge forms. Running more efficient campaigns will free up captains to focus on employee engagement efforts and educating potential donors about United Way’s impact. We also have incentives that drive 98% participation in some locations—and leveraging them will help us grow excitement and campaign results.


The work of the United Way


It’s fueled by the passion of 2.8 million volunteers and 9.8 million donors who deliver $5 billion dollars annually to those in need. There are 1,800 local United Ways in the global network—all working together to serve 61 million people every year in 40 countries and territories. Over the last 125 years, United Way has evolved to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.



It’s Campbell’s goal to be the leading health and well-being food company. When it comes to leading efforts to impact well-being in our local communities, we’re well on our way. It’s United Way’s goal to see a world here every individual has an opportunity to succeed and entire communities thrive as a result. They are getting a little closer everyday with help from millions of caring people around the world.


Last year Campbell collectively delivered $1.7 million dollars to United Way


We hope that coming together with ONE campaign will drive a 5% increase in employee giving. This will be my 12th United Way campaign at Campbell—and the first one where we are truly united. I’m confident that together we will do more than we ever could alone!


Standing room only at our world HQ United Way kickoff.


Learn more about how you can make a difference volunteering with United Way today.


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