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Campbell Black Resource Group Members

Celebrating Black History Month through food, music, art and history

Inclusion & Diversity

Throughout February, we’ve recognized and celebrated Black History Month by highlighting the achievements and contributions of Black people inside and out of our company.

Our Black Resource Group (BRG) is our employee resource group with a goal to attract, retain, and empower top Black talent here at Campbell.

Take a look at a few of the month’s activities:

The Black Resource Group Awards

Our monthlong celebration culminated with our first BRG Awards, a virtual awards ceremony celebrating Black excellence, and honoring the leaders, trail blazers and game changers across the BRG.

Winners were chosen by BRG members in categories such as “The Trail Blazer,” “The Difference Maker,” “The Trend Setter,” and “The Strength Finder.”

Taron Stubbs works for Campbell Snacks’ Emerald nuts team. As the BRG leader at our Charlotte plant, Taron was recognized as “The Architect,” for the pride he takes in his community and colleagues in Charlotte and across the company.

“The Trail Blazer” award recognizes someone who leads by example—and Gillian Rivers does just that! As the Quality Director for Meals & Beverages, Gillian is an advocate for others, known by colleagues as a valuable advice-giver and sounding board.

One of the goals of our ERGs is to help build a culture where everyone feels included, valued, and empowered to use their unique voice. The BRG award winner for “The Plug,” Tiffani Vaughan, embodies and inspires that culture. A Marketing Brand Manager, Tiffani is known throughout the BRG and her department as a team player who people come to for advice or support.

When the awards wrapped up, we congratulated the winners at a virtual meet and mingle, where over 100 employees clinked glasses—many filled with cocktails from V8 and Ritual Zero Proof’s partnership.

Exploring Black culture through food

Campbell Executive Chef Gerald Drummond hosted a virtual culinary demonstration featuring cuisine from St. Kitts, Gabon, and Guyana—and you could almost smell the homecooked dishes through the screen! We learned how to make beverages and cocktails like the Mauby and Killer Bee Drink, and the history and origins of traditional dishes like Goat Water Stew from St. Kitts and Nevis, and Nyembwe, a smoked chicken dish from Gabon that’s often served over rice, plantain, yam or cassava.

While we may not have been able to taste-test Chef Gerald’s cooking, employees took time to share how these dishes have played a role in their own family traditions.

chef cooking

Campbell Executive Chef Gerald Drummond hosting a virtual culinary demonstration

Thank a Black inventor

What every day item do you use thanks to a Black inventor? For over 150 years, our team has been inspired by the creativity of inventors and innovators. Throughout the month, employees across our company—including leaders like Chief Culture Officer, Camille Pierce and Chief R&D and Innovation Officer, Craig Slavtcheff—shared the stories of Black inventors in history that still have an impact on our daily lives.

We learned the history of inventors like Joseph Lee, the inventor of the automatic bread maker, Alexander P. Ashbourne, the inventor of the biscuit cutter, Alfred L. Cralle the creator of the ice cream scoop, and Anna Mangin, inventor of the pastry fork!

The connection between Black and Latinx cultures

In partnership with our Latino Network employee resource group, we hosted Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, founder of the Creative Justice Institute, and Miriam Muléy, founder of The 85% Niche, for a thought-provoking conversation on the connection between Black and Latinx cultures –“The Afro Latina/o/x Experience: Connecting the African Diaspora.”

During the virtual event, employees learned about the historical connections between the two cultures in food, music, and art, and how we can be advocates for inclusion.

Our commitment to inclusivity

Throughout Black History Month, we celebrated each other, learned from one another, and further empowered the BRG and Black talent across our company. We’re committed to creating a culture of inclusivity where all employees feel supported to bring their real selves to work.

Learn more about our actionable I&D Strategy and how we’re helping to strengthen our ally networks and communities where we live and work.

Inclusion & Diversity Life at Campbell’s

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