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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage with real food moments

Inclusion & Diversity

Our Hispanic employee network has been spending time bringing our real food purpose to life—celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 through October 15).


Every week this month, the cafés at our World Headquarters in Camden, N.J., and our Pepperidge Farm HQ in Norwalk, Conn., have showcased the diversity of Latin American flavors and culinary traditions.


Taste buds were tempted with authentic cuisine, Argentinian empanadas: Spanish paella, Peruvian lomo saltado, feijoada and more. The culinary festivities culminated at our headquarters with an outdoor celebration in the courtyard, where more than 150 employees enjoyed two lechones (roasted pigs) prepared following Puerto Rican traditions, Latin American side dishes.


In addition, our own Chef Charles DiBella worked with two members of our Hispanic Network de Campbell to prepare and talk about dishes that are meaningful to them. The experience was filmed and shared with employees through our internal social media network, and you can also watch the videos here:


Demi van Bodeom, Senior Finance Analyst



Chuck Vila, Vice President, Consumer and Customer Insights





The Pepperidge Farm team in Norwalk has been also been posting a “Word of the Day” series across our TV monitors to teach colleagues about Spanish words such as mantequilla (butter) and azucar (sugar) by highlighting a Pepperidge Farm product that uses that ingredient.


“I’m proud to work for a company such as Campbell that values diversity and inclusion, encouraging employees of all backgrounds, not just Latinos, to bring their whole selves to work,” noted Christian Ardito, Soup Marketing Manager.


“We’re building a diverse and multicultural melting pot of a workforce that is a mirror of our country. It all starts with a desire to come together with a purpose, and Campbell has established that seeking the power of different is a key ingredient to our ongoing success. I am indeed #ProudToWorkAtCampbell.”

Inclusion & Diversity Life at Campbell’s

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