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Developing personal brands, supporting one another, and giving back this Women’s History Month

Inclusion & Diversity

Our Women of Campbell employee resource group (ERG) is on a mission to build a culture that values and supports women across the company.

Through guest speakers, panel discussions, and some self-care, our Women’s History Month celebrations honored the work, achievements, and contributions of women—past and present.

Finding your personal brand

We kicked off the month on International Women’s Day with guest speaker, Jessica Zweig, an award-winning entrepreneur, personal branding expert, and author of Be. – A No Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Your Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself.

Wendy Constantine, Director of Bakery Product Development for Campbell Snacks said she walked away with two key learnings from Jessica’s event:

1. Your personal brand is what people say when you aren’t in the room
2. Unlock yourself and get rid of self-limiting beliefs

Elevating your personal brand

We continued the personal branding conversation with a panel discussion on elevating your personal brand, and what it means to bring your authentic self to work.

Campbell leaders shared their personal brands:

linda lee headshot

“It took time for me to realize what my purpose in life was if I didn’t have work. And I determined that unlocking potential is who I am, what I love, and what I’m best at—both inside and outside of work.”

– Linda Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Meals & Beverages

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“People first, always. Embrace differences. Be a mentor and a student. Invest in yourself. Own your circumstances.”

– Valerie Oswalt, President, Campbell Snacks

chris foley headshot

“Building and caring. The idea of building a better team, a better business, and better brands wakes me up in the morning. Be honest with yourself and others and be empathetic.”

– Chris Foley, President, Meals & Beverages

Race, gender and showing up authentically

Women of Campbell joined one of our other ERGs, Our Pride Employee Network (OPEN) for a talk with Raquel Willis, an award-winning writer, media strategist, and thought leader on gender, race, and intersectionality. As a Black trans woman, Raquel shared her personal experiences and what it means to show up authentically.

“We celebrate all women this month, and hearing from Raquel, and the way she approached her storytelling, was truly enlightening and enjoyable,” said Janel Monroe, Director of Talent Management.

Navigating nontraditional career paths

For many women on our team, the journey to their current roles as leaders in the food industry are anything but expected. We hosted a panel discussion where women shared these nontraditional career paths to inspire all of us when we think about growing in our careers. Check out their stories:

The first 7 years of my career were spent in the military, where I learned that leadership is not about knowing everything or what to do in every situation, but it’s about listening to others and hearing everyone’s perspective. It’s something that I carried with me through my next career path as a business owner in the fitness industry, and then landing where I am now, in human resources.

– Helen Ashton, VP, Human Resources, Campbell Canada

My passion has always been for words, which is certainly unique in manufacturing. Once I learned to read, I focused on books and going to college—and my goal was to become a famous writer in New York City.  I started at Campbell post-undergrad as a seasonal employee managing tomato sorting for what I thought would be a single season role. After four different full-time management roles, I took advantage of the Campbell Tuition Aid Plan to pay for law school. During that time, I continued to work at Campbell full-time, and went on to get married and have the first two of my four children, before graduating and passing the Ohio Bar in 1991. Over 37 years later and here I am! I thank the many leaders I met at the company along the way for my untraditional yet rewarding path.

– Kathleen Sworden, Coordinator, Quality Control, Napoleon, Ohio

I attended West Point United States Military Academy and went on to serve in the military flying apache helicopters, which was the biggest decision I’ve made in what many would consider an untraditional career path. What I’m most grateful for when I think of my time in the military is that it was an education in people and how to motivate and inspire others. I had to learn that I’m not always the most knowledgeable person in the room—even as the leader—which is a lesson I apply every day in my career now.

– Toby Johnson, SVP, Sales, Campbell Snacks

Practicing self-care

We exercised our minds all month, but to wrap up the month, we exercised our bodies with some self-care! Led by fitness and wellness consultant, Andrea Forsyth, we hosted two virtual sessions at lunchtime where we learned meditation techniques and at-home stretching routines.

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