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Why Women’s History Month?

Inclusion & Diversity

by: Monica Diaz, Chief Diversity Officer

Because being who we are is not negotiable.

We are women, we are mothers, we are daughters and sisters, we are spouses and caregivers. We are leaders, entrepreneurs, change agents, conciliators, motivators and so much more. We are who we are and can shape the world to fit in it. because being who we are is not negotiable. It’s not an option or a choice, but an affirmation of the starting place where we can only become an even better version of ourselves.

Women’s history month is an affirmation, a celebration and a reflection. It’s the affirmation that we can and must be who we are in all aspects of our lives. It’s is the celebration of how far we’ve come with a vision of the long road still ahead of us. It’s a reflection on how we can do this together, because the road ahead is best travelled as part of a tribe. Being who we are is not negotiable, not a decision or a choice. Let’s own who we are and build the world we want to live in.

As we finish March, you are invited to renew a personal commitment to continue shaping a world that works well for women, which will be an even better place for everyone else to live, grow and thrive.

Inclusion & Diversity

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