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CEO Mark Clouse speaks to interns

7 lessons from our leaders

Life at Campbell’s

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? Our interns had the opportunity to experience a speaker series where they met and listened to members of our leadership team.

Here’s what they learned this summer:

Mark Clouse, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Leadership is earned, not given. It’s like a muscle; you must continue to work and build upon what is already there.”

Leadership is a priority for Mark and for the company. Campbell’s interns are gaining experience and exposure to people to help them become the next generation of industry leaders.

Chris Foley, Executive Vice President and President, Snacks

Chris believes that a collaborative environment sparks innovation and the exchange of ideas.

“Teams win, not individuals. When we work together, we gain a greater understanding of one another.”

Interns pose with Pepperidge Farm cookies
Interns holding Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies after hearing Craig Slavtcheff, Chief R&D and Innovation Officer, share what makes them so delicious.
Craig Slavtcheff, Executive Vice President, Chief Research & Development and Innovation Officer

“You are your most powerful when you’re not in your comfort zone.”

Craig emphasized how stepping outside of what’s comfortable can build confidence and increase creativity, resulting in new ideas and innovations.

Dan Poland, Chief Supply Chain Officer, encouraged interns to keep learning.
Dan Poland, Executive Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Dan emphasized the importance of always learning and advised interns to “surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”

Diane Johnson May, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Diane encouraged interns to take advantage of learning opportunities, ask questions, and build their networks while at Campbell’s. She also reminded them career journeys are not always linear.

“It’s reassuring to know that Diane Johnson May, someone who juggled working full-time and going to school, was able to achieve her career goals. This taught me that you don’t have to follow a traditional path to be successful.” 

– Zeinab Chalang, IT Intern- Platform Administrator
Mick speaks to interns
Mick Beekhuizen, President of Meals & Beverages, discussed the importance of taking initiative.
Mick Beekhuizen, Executive Vice President and President, Meals & Beverages

“Take advantage of opportunities…or find them. If you find something that is interesting to you, ask your manager about it. The worst thing they could say is no.”

Carrie Anderson, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Carrie encouraged interns to step up and be problem solvers.

“Use your seat at the table, bring solutions not problems, and volunteer — without worrying about getting credit!”

We believe making leaders accessible to our interns helps to provide a competitive advantage as they embark on their career journeys.

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Life at Campbell’s

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