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Headshots of women at Campbell featured in blog

Making an impact: Celebrating women at Campbell

Life at Campbell’s

Our long history of gender diversity dates to 1961, when Margaret Rudkin, the founder of Pepperidge Farm, became the first woman on our board of directors.

This legacy continues today, and to honor Women’s History Month, we’re shining a light on women in leadership roles across our company. We asked them about their work, what they love about Campbell’s culture, and to share their best career advice.

Making an impact at Campbell

From our research kitchens and plants to our conference rooms and board rooms, we’re proud of the impact women are making across our company. Learn more about their careers at Campbell:

Britney Atkinson,
Senior Research Scientist

“My job is to create new items—like the Well Yes! Southwest Style POWER Soup Bowl. I work directly with our chefs to create new products with direct consumer input. Once we receive consumer feedback, I then work with a team of nutritionists, marketers, and engineers to bring the idea to life.”

Diane Johnson May,
EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

“The primary focus of my role is to create meaningful experiences for our people. I’m responsible for building developmental plans and programs so we can create significant career opportunities and prepare future leaders.”

Rebecca Gardy,
Vice President, Investor Relations

“Investor Relations combines finance, strategy, and communications. My job is to create and present a consistent message to the external financial investor community by maintaining and managing relationships with investors and analysts.”

Camille Pierce,
Chief Culture Officer & Head of Talent

“As Chief Culture Officer, I lead our inclusion and diversity efforts, and as Head of Talent, I oversee the entire Campbell Employee Experience. My role is to make sure all employees can be real, and feel safe, valued, and supported to do their best work.”

More than a job

At Campbell, our people are just as passionate about their work as they are about our food! Learn what these leaders like most about their roles:

Abby Colla,
Manager, Global Strategic Sourcing

“My favorite part of my job is helping to cultivate talent within our procurement division. It’s a great feeling when you see everything start to ‘click.’ You watch as analysts transform and find their voice, and in the process advance their careers. Being a part of their career journey is incredibly rewarding.”

Julia Anderson,
Chief Technology and Information Officer

“I’m incredibly passionate about building winning teams using data and modern tools that help people be more effective at their jobs. I love that my job allows me to enhance our employee experience using technology.”

Elizabeth Duggan,
Vice President and General Manager, Campbell Canada

“I love seeing our strategies come to life in-market on our customers’ shelves and in consumers’ homes. I’m proud to be part of a team that brings new products to market that are designed with our Canadian consumers in mind.”

Words of wisdom

Leadership comes with its own set of challenges, so we asked these women for the best advice they’ve received, or what they’d share with other women starting their career journeys:

Linda Lee,
Chief Marketing Officer, Meals & Beverages

“My advice is to have courage. Have courage in the ideas that you bring to the table. Have courage to champion them. And have courage to make bold decisions. Don’t let your own fear get in the way.”

Kae Sterner,
Director, Manufacturing, Ashland, Ohio, Plant

“To any women wanting to enter a career in manufacturing, I would say follow your passion and work to be better today than yesterday. Lead with integrity, stay humble, and never compromise who you are.”

Janda Lukin,
Chief Marketing Officer, Campbell Snacks

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Change can be hard, but we have to get comfortable with it to succeed.”

Amy Yann,
Senior Legal Services Specialist

“The best advice I’ve ever received is to remember that ‘the tide lifts all boats,’ meaning we should always celebrate the achievements and advancements of other women. I love that we have examples of what’s possible at Campbell. As more women advance to higher levels, it means only good things for all women in the organization.”

Valerie Oswalt,
President, Campbell Snacks

“At times, the only thing getting in the way of our potential is ourselves so please remember, ‘A head full of fears has no place for dreams.’”

We believe that inclusive and diverse teams build trust and lead to better results. The hard work and leadership of these women serves as a testament to that belief. Their impact is evident at all levels of Campbell.

Want to be part of our team? Check out our available careers and apply to join today!

Inclusion & Diversity Life at Campbell’s

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