Ideas + Food Forward Competition = Net Impact

By: Dave Stangis, Campbell’s Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

It’s no secret that the food industry is undergoing a consumer-driven revolution and at Campbell we’re working every day to rise to the challenge.

Sometimes one of the ways to address a challenge is to work outside-in, and that’s why Campbell is the lead sponsor of the non-profit Net Impact’s Food Forward Competition—where the experts turn to consumers and ask, “What would you do?”

The Food Forward Competition is looking for business ideas that reflect new ways to think about our food system or food and beverage products that “meet a consumer need, as well as create economic, social and environmental value.” Contest organizers are asking participants to think like the founders of food start-ups– companies that have risen to mainstream success on a platform of socially-minded and environmentally-conscious innovation.

Net Impact works with students, job seekers and business professionals to empower a new generation to drive social and environmental change.




Net Impact is encouraging participants to focus on one or more of the following: to create a new or sustainable product; to solve food waste issues, or to improve food systems. An in-house team of Net Impact judges will review and provide feedback to each submission. Ten finalists will be asked to submit a one-minute pitch video to be sent to an expert judging panel (including yours truly), as well as Kirsten Tobey from Revolution Foods; Seth Goldman of Honest Tea; and Jerry Lynch from General Mills, also a sponsor.

Entries will be scored on four categories: innovation, market need, feasibility, and sustainability (social and environmental value).

The Food Forward Competition is open to anyone; the deadline to submit an original business idea is May 15, 2016.  Winners will be announced on Net Impact’s website on June 20, 2016.

Visit Net Impact’s site for more information on the contest.

Consider submitting those ideas—you never know how far they can travel and the impact they’ll have on this changing industry. It’s our joint responsibility to drive change and I look forward to seeing where they’ll take us.


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  • Juliett Evildruid

    I just found out that your company supports halal food. The halal process is not only an animal sacrifice ritual but is extremely cruel to the animal!
    Therefore I will be boycotting your brand and all brands underneath the Campbells umbrella label. I will be spreading this message to all who will listen that your company supports animal cruelty and sacrifice!

  • Toni Kehler

    I absolutely love your canned chicken noodle soup. I have stopped eating meat since March 2016 and it would be lovely for your company to offer the same soup minus the chicken. Many of us that no longer consume meat would love to continue eating your soups, if we had the same delicious options meatless. Beef Barley vegetables- minus the beef.

    • Tara Skye Dressler

      GREAT idea! I’ve also stopped eating meat and dairy, so some vegan options would be awesome.

      • Toni Kehler


  • Tatiana Charko

    Hi, I just love your chicken broth in a 900 ml package, I am in a situation where I can not store in a refrigirator whats left in a package so it gets bad while there are a lot of chicken broth still left, I have a suggestion, it would be so useful to have your broth packaged in a small containers for one time use in a pack of many, this way no broth would be wasted, i buy the no salt one because of heart problems and high blood pressure and it is so tasty, please consider my suggestion, I am looking forward to find such individual containers at the stores here in Ottawa and continue buying chicken broth made by your company that I love. Sending my best wishes and regards.

  • Matcha

    Will you consider to introduce Mentaiko spaghetti source 🙂

  • John Stewart

    Please stop using genetically engineered and non-organic ingredients.

  • Tara Skye Dressler

    Please make your vegetable soup VEGAN. I was disappointed to see it contains beef broth.

  • Chloe Chung How to know the expiry date? For example
    E71 2201 A
    8L8 07
    (; ̄O ̄)I don’t know why you make it so stupid expiry date for customers. Who’s will understand this?

  • john

    Dear Chunky Soup

    In a can of vegetable beef there are about three pieces of meat (hardly a serving for anyone) My idea is to add more meat by taking out all the vegetables. The vegetables are soggy and have lost all their flavor and nutrition. My idea is for the customer to simply add their own fresh or frozen vegetables to the soup as they are heating it up. I’m positive this will result in a more flavorful and nutritious soup and be cheaper for the your company to produce. As it is now the customer does not have a choice to add their own fresh vegetables to company prepared soups. I would ask that you make available cans of “meat soup” so customers can add their own fresh vegetables.

  • Sam Harper

    My doctor gets mad at me for eating canned soup for lunch and dinner almost every day . I can send you pictures of my cupboard full of your soup, it’s good I’ve been eating it since I was a teenager and now I’m 58 years old.
    Just letting you know that I’m going to stop eating your soup as long as you support Donald Trump and his racist crap.
    For years I used to love the smell coming from your plant in Toronto, seems a different smell is coming from Campbell’s now. I swear as God is my witness. I’m going right now to my stove to eat my potato soup I bought from Costco ( not Campbell’s soup )

  • Melanie M Naugler

    would like to see vegan options for cream of mushroom and cream of tomato soups ( coconut milk would be a good substitute )

  • Meryl Aldcroft

    Have just tried your Cream of Bacon soup. I am afraid to say it was the worst soup I have ever had from you. It was completely flavourless let alone any bacon flavour. I did try to contact you but your form for some of the info you want is a little confusing, i.e. the #that you need on the bottom of the can !! No matter what I tried it wouldn’t accept the submit. Love your other soups but this one is a fail…

  • Comments

    We’ve had so many snowstorms lately. I’ve been struggling to find a flameless way to heat up Campbells soups while stuck without power or stuck in the car. Please can you make a Chunky soup (1) with snap open lids – you don’t have many and (2) some way of including a flameless heater (like the Magic cook cup) which can be used over and over again? Or the soup-to-go cup with a flameless pouch underneath with a small sachet of water?

  • Cathy Francis

    I have been looking for the Habitant pea soup with garden vegetables for months now…where can I purchase this?

  • Sharon S

    We are non red-meat eaters (no pork or beef). We really like your Habitant Pea Soup, but were dismayed to discover that it contains lard! Because I am able to make a delicious pea soup with smoked turkey, I know that lard (also ham) is not a critical ingredient.

    In this day and age, when thousands of people are turning to vegetarian or vegan diets, would it be possible for you to produce a pea soup for these folks? It would surely be a popular item! I would never bother to make pea soup at home if we could buy your pea soup minus the lard.

    Thanks for considering this suggestion!

  • tang doris


  • Steven Chow

    Where can we buy the Campbell Chinese style Hot and Sour soup?! Really can’t find anymore in Hong Kong. Miss this kind of soup so much!

    哪裡還可以買得到金寶酸辣湯? 找遍全港都買不到! 很可惜