Key to Creating the Future of Food: Foresight


At Campbell, we have been talking about the effects of ongoing seismic shifts in the food industry – generational, multicultural, socio-economic, urbanization, technological and a growing focus on health.


The shifts continue to accelerate and converge, and we’re embracing opportunities in the food world by using strategic foresight.


CEO Denise Morrison discussed these strategic foresights this week at the CEO Club of Boston College, her alma mater.


Guided by our Purpose, Real food that matters for life’s moments, Denise talked about how these foresights are compelling growth platforms that live at the intersection of Real Food, wellbeing and technology:


Future Commerce: Picture your pantry replenishing itself when you’re running low on broth or salad dressing. Of course, we’ll want those refills to be Swanson broth and Bolthouse Farms! But regardless of brand, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other emerging technologies may soon meet your needs automatically.



Limitless Local: People will enjoy a closer relationship to food: where it’s from, how it’s made, and who’s behind it. Limitless Local embraces smaller, regional farming and food production, and authentic stories around quality, community and place. Think about our small-batch run of our founder’s original 1915 Campbell’s Beefsteak Tomato soup.





Better-Dot-Me: Imagine a diet tailored to your physiology, lifestyle and health goals; a nutrition coach; and a personalized menu of delicious, nutritious, chef-inspired meals. Sound far off? Actually, it’s already here. Growing consumer interest in making informed nutrition choices inspired us to fund Habit, which is poised to lead the personalized nutrition revolution.





Denise said, “To truly prepare for the future, you must pay close attention, think beyond typical planning horizons, and, above all, do not miss the signals. That’s why translating strategic foresight into action is so important.”


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  • Krissi Diemer Rosales

    Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented
    realities as well as other emerging technologies will soon be part of all facets of
    the business, too. Imagine the opportunities technologies will offer for our
    onboarding and training programs; potential employees taking a look at job
    opportunities prior to going through the interview process to see what the
    environment is like, trainees utilizing augmented realities to learn a skill and perform job
    task prior to being on the….the cost saving possibilities and injury/ error reduction capabilities are endless!

  • as for me the writing of similar articles is a step towards the future! humanity must develop and discover new technologies.