Our Position on the Paris Climate Agreement and Climate Change

We are aware of the potential risks to the food system posed by climate change and continue to support the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. 
Despite the decision by the Trump Administration to exit the agreement, Campbell will continue to take action to address climate change, and we remain focused on delivering against our sustainability commitments.
Our primary 2020 sustainability goal is to reduce our environmental footprint — defined as water and GHG emissions per tonne of food produced — by 50 percent. You can read more here.
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  • Pam Gould

    This is not a game.
    By removing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement we degrade our long standing position as world leaders, damage our slowly recovering economy, repudiate loyal allies and do irreversible damage to this already fragile planet.
    Again, this is not a game.
    How can you continue to stand with Trump on the climate issue?
    P. Gould

    • Earl Reeves

      You are just showing your ignorance. All we gave up is having to pay outrageous amounts of money to other governments that will not do anything to change anything. Just no excuse for ignorance.

  • David Mazza

    At 70 years old, I have been eating Campbell products for a really long time. However; as long as the company remains on the “Presidents” business council, I for one will boycott your product. Why can’t people tell Trump exactly how they feel about his bigotry and take some action. If you agree with him, then shame on you.