Campbell commits to Improving the Treatment of Broiler Chickens

By Niki King – Director, Responsible Sourcing


At Campbell, our purpose is Real food that matters for life’s moments. We know that what we do every day matters and that families of all kinds rely on our foods. We make the biggest impact when we set and meet ambitious goals – as a business, and as good stewards of the natural resources we all share.


We believe real food should be prepared with care. It should be crafted using ethical sourcing and sustainable practices that safeguard the natural resources we all share. We recognize and share consumers’ concerns about the health and welfare of animals.


Campbell has made animal welfare a key part of our vision for an ethical and responsible supply chain, and we expect our suppliers to meet our requirements, while partnering with us to implement and execute more ambitious practices.


For the past several months I’ve been working with several key animal rights organizations to develop the next step in our Real Food Journey. Today, I’m pleased to announce that we are making a commitment to move our U.S. chicken meat supply to a higher standard of animal welfare. By 2024, we will aim to move our entire U.S. chicken meat supply to a higher standard of animal welfare. We’re committed to working with our suppliers to improve the treatment of broiler chickens by:


  • Transitioning to strains of birds approved by Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) or the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) that are scientifically recognized as having higher welfare outcomes;
  • Providing more space for chickens by reducing stocking density to a maximum of 6 lbs./sq. ft.;
  • Offering improved environments including litter, lighting and enrichment that meet GAP’s new standards;
  • Processing chickens in a manner that avoids pre-stun handling and instead uses multi-step controlled atmospheric stunning; and
  • Using third party auditing to ensure compliance.


We’ll thoughtfully address the impact of this commitment on the farmers from which we source our ingredients. We will aspire to achieve these standards by 2024, but changes such as these are complicated and require time, investment, and partnership to succeed, and must align with our commitment to ensuring access to good, affordable food for our consumers.


Over the past two years, we’ve acted to provide consumers with more information about how its products are made through channels such as


To view Campbell’s Animal Welfare Guidelines, including commitments to source 100 percent “No Antibiotic Ever (NAE)” chicken for diced and canned chicken products by 2018 and to transition to exclusive use of cage-free eggs, click here.

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  • Ty Savoy

    If Campbell really sincerely cared about these nonhuman animals, then they would stop raising them to be killed. No one needs to eat dead animals. It’s ethically indefensible to take someone’s life, when there’s a choice not to. Please stop it.

  • Chris Liptrot

    This is amazing progress for animals! Thank you Campbell’s!

  • Ellie Donohue-Miller

    Wow – this is such good news!

  • Brenna Taylor

    Thank you Campbell’s for being a leader on this important issue! It’s really great to see your company making such a strong commitment to comprehensive welfare improvements for animals.

  • Beth Anne Hendrickson

    Totally sharing this article! Thanks for paying attention to your consumers’ concerns, Campbell!

  • beauabroughton

    So great to see major companies make major changes for animals. Thank you for doing the right thing, Campbell’s!

  • Clarke’ Snell

    You’re kidding! That is SUCH a big deal! Thanks for caring about animals this much Campbells, that’s really responsible!

  • Christopher Hendrickson

    Thank you for supporting animal welfare and being a leader on this front!

  • Alexandria Beck

    Amazing news! Thank you for caring about chicken welfare!

  • Mike

    This is great news! Thanks for making this happen.

  • Taylor Ford

    Thank you for your leadership on this issue!

  • gustavoolvera

    Excellent news, we are going to a better society.

  • 上原 まほ

    Great step and than you Campbell’s!

  • Hannah Yates

    Thank you Campbell’s for doing the right thing for chickens!

  • Maddie Segal

    Wow! Such wonderful news! Thank you so much for standing up for animals, Campbell’s!

  • Huge news. Thank you for your leadership on this issue, Campbell’s!

  • Katrina Dixon

    Thanks so much Campbell’s for being true game-changers!

  • Michelle Kucerak

    Progress! Thanks for listening to consumers!

  • Andrea

    Very cool! Glad to see Campbell Soup Co taking a stand for animals.

  • Savvy?

    Animal welfare is great. Animal rights would be better.