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Amazon Dash gets Campbell products in a flash


You’ve been there before. You open your cabinet or pantry, search for that favorite snack or meal, reach in, pry it open and realize you’re about to have the last serving. Now it’s decision time.

For many people that means a quick handwritten addition to a food shopping list, a jump into your favorite online store or a reminder in your smartphone app to replenish on your way home from work or school. Thanks to Amazon, and our family of brands, there’s a faster, easier option to restock those home shelves.

Campbell brands and Amazon Dash are now only one click away

Eight Campbell brands have joined the growing array of Amazon Dash Buttons for frequent purchases of popular items. That means soups, crackers, cookies, drinks, and even organic baby and toddler foods are all available at the push of a button.

If you’re new to the Dash Button, it’s a stick-anywhere, Wi-Fi connected and brand-specific button that Amazon Prime members tap to order products. Right now, you can Dash Button Campbell’s condensed and Chunky soup, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers and Milano cookies, V8 100% Vegetable juice, and +Energy drinks, Plum foods for little ones and Swanson broth. It’s worth noting the Button’s $4.99 purchase price is credited to your first order.

“Consumers want online ordering that is quick and easy,” said Brian Fischel, Vice President of Diversified Channels at Campbell Soup Company. “The Amazon Dash Button allows shoppers to stock up on their favorite Campbell brands with the press of a button. Doorstep delivery is important to the future of shopping, and we are excited for our brands to play a role in this evolving digital experience.”


Online shopping and changing consumer habits

Campbell’s move into e-commerce is a strategic focus for the company as our marketing teams adapt to the shifting preferences for how consumers shop.

Amazon reports that in just three months this year, Dash Button orders grew by 70 percent. Launched in April 2015, the program now includes more than 150 Buttons.

“Customers love the growing selection and are increasingly using Dash Button to skip trips to the store,” said Daniel Rausch, Director of Amazon Dash. “Three months ago, we were excited to see orders were occurring once a minute—now, that rate has doubled. Dash Button is resonating with Prime members and has become an innovative way for brands to stay connected with their customers.”

Next time you open that kitchen cabinet and see the bottom of your favorite snack pack, help is only a tap away.


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