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Bread on the Rise: An Up-And-Coming Trend for 2015


Gluten-Free products, offerings and options have exploded on the culinary scene, but did you know that a counter-trend is emerging that is carb crazy?

If you’ve seen pretzel and brioche buns, flatbread sandwiches and rustic loaves of rye lately, chances are that you’re experiencing the Bread Revival trend as it’s introduced through influential foodies throughout North America.

In our 2015 Campbell Culinary TrendScape report, our chefs have compiled this year’s top ten food trends to watch out for, and Bread Revival is on the rise. It is currently in the “introduction” stage, so many culinary-minded individuals are just starting to embrace this trend.

Mixing the Old and the New

Many of the bakers who are leading this trend are drawing inspiration from European and Nordic traditions as well as using ancient grains to create “Old World” style breads. These are heartier, browner, and denser breads with a focus on slow fermentation, natural leavens and alternative grains.

But while Old World bread styles are in, bakers are experimenting with new techniques that make those bread machines and no-knead recipes a thing of the past. With one eye on tradition and another to the future, bakers are making advances, inviting collaboration with scientists, farmers and millers. These collaborations are born of a desire to create a culture that is about deepening appreciation for bread artistry.

Bringing Home the Bread

So how is this trend impacting where you shop and eat? Cookware shops are catering to this rising interest by selling yeast starters, ancient grains and specialty equipment like bread proofing baskets and ceramic ovens. Bread-making classes are also emerging with a focus on bagels, pretzels, sourdough and croissants, while bread-specific cookbooks also hit the shelves for interested consumers.

In restaurants, there is increased emphasis on good breads, signature rolls, artisanal toast, house-made butters and breadbaskets.

If you’re now craving carbohydrates, check out the full Campbell’s 2015 Culinary TrendScape report for more information on the Bread Revival trend, along with the other nine hot trends our chefs have identified for the coming year.



Download a larger version of the 2015 Culinary TrendScape Fact Sheet here.



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