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Campbell @ CAGNY: Seismic Shifts, Transparency and Well-being


This week, CEO Denise Morrison and CFO Anthony DiSilvestro presented to more than 500 analysts and investors at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) conference in Boca Raton, Fla.

Denise outlined Campbell’s four strategic imperatives, focusing on Purpose and Transparency and Health and Well-being. Here are some highlights:


“We’re at a critical inflection point in the food business…” #CAGNY #CEODenise

— Campbell Soup Co (@CampbellSoupCo) February 17, 2016


Purpose and Transparency

Campbell’s purpose, Real Food that Matters for Life’s Moments, has altered the way we approach food and serves as a filter for strategic decisions. Denise talked about how our purpose “has created a bond between the old and the new—fusing the scale, capabilities and heritage of a Fortune 500 enterprise with the attributes and the soul of a small, agile start up.”

Denise highlighted Campbell’s purpose-driven commitment to setting a new bar for transparency in the food industry, touching upon our efforts to share more information about how our food is made.


“We launched to set a new bar for openness about our food.” #CAGNY #CEODenise

— Campbell Soup Co (@CampbellSoupCo) February 17, 2016


She also highlighted new product development requirements in our Americas Simple Meals and Beverages division, which include a NO-GO list: no more artificial flavors or colors; no added preservatives and no MSG.

Denise also talked about our support of a mandatory national standard for GMO labeling.


“The time has come for a mandatory national standard for #GMO labeling.” #CAGNY #CEODenise

— Campbell Soup Co (@CampbellSoupCo) February 17, 2016


Focus on Health & Well-being

Campbell’s portfolio of shelf-stable and packaged-fresh foods offers a unique opportunity to drive growth from the center store to the perimeter.

“We have a great stable of appealing brands… and we’re actively seeking to add others through innovation and smart external development. We’ll continue to invest and nurture these vibrant, health-focused brands and deliver new on-trend products across the C-Fresh portfolio.”

The Bolthouse Farms spring innovation lineup includes 14 new beverages and dressings. Six varieties of 1915 by Bolthouse Farms ultra-premium, cold-pressed organic juice are part of the line-up, including the category’s first plant-based protein drinks.


We’re expanding @BolthouseFarms 1915, launching 6 new items + 1st plant-based protein drinks in the category. #CAGNY

— Campbell Soup Co (@CampbellSoupCo) February 17, 2016


Campbell plans to reinvent its center store presence with the expansion of organic and pure and simple offerings across Americas Simple Meals and Beverages and Global Biscuits and Snacks.

To accelerate growth from health and well-being products, we plan to build on Campbell’s Dinner Sauces, Campbell’s Organic soups, and V8 Veggie Blends, while also expanding the Plum line into simple meals and baked snacks.


Expanding Our Footprint in Developing Markets

 The Global Biscuits and Snacks division unifies the Kelsen, Pepperidge Farm and Arnott’s businesses and we are committed to extending our reach in faster-growing geographies with a priority focus on Asia.


“Through our Global Biscuits & Snacks division, we’re expanding into faster-growing spaces.” #CEODenise #CAGNY

— Campbell Soup Co (@CampbellSoupCo) February 17, 2016


With primary operations in two developed markets, the U.S. and Australia, and two developing markets where we have footholds, China and Indonesia, we can fully leverage all of our assets and capabilities across the globe.

“With our new organization structure in place and experts in category development, digital and consumer marketing, we’re poised to claim a greater share of the $92 billion global Biscuits category. “


Financial Overview

CFO Anthony DiSilvestro provided a strategic financial overview and shared an update on the company’s redesigned organization structure, including its three divisions, and its cost savings initiative. The three-year cost savings initiative is delivering better-than-expected benefits and, as a result, the savings increased from $250 million to $300 million.

“These actions have had a positive impact on our costs and, over time, will contribute to changes in our culture,” said Morrison. “As a result, we’re now far better positioned to live our purpose, execute our strategic imperatives and have greater flexibility to invest in longer-term innovation models.”


Living Our Purpose

“Through our Purpose, we’ve rediscovered the soul of our company. We’re taking the lead on the challenging issues facing the food industry. We’re standing up for what’s right.”

Denise talked about the strategic steps Campbell is taking and the necessary changes needed to be more appealing to new generations of consumers.

“If you apply the Andy Warhol filter to our company, if you view us strictly through the lens of the iconic can, then you’re completely missing the big picture. The clearer lens is the one provided by Dr. John Dorrance: our heritage of making good, nutritious food that’s within the reach of most pocketbooks.”

Campbell is 147 years old, but the founding principles are timeless.



— Campbell Soup Co (@CampbellSoupCo) February 17, 2016


To view the presentation, click here.


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