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Campbell Expands Its “Digital Horizons”


Campbell Soup Company hosted a “Digital Horizons” conference last week at its World Headquarters in Camden, NJ to strengthen the company’s commitment to connecting with consumers in the digital space and to evolve with the ever-changing technology landscape.


The day-long event featured presentations by industry insiders David Shing of AOL and Karen Sauder of Google, as well as workshops with digital partners such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, AllRecipes, Curalate and more.

“Today is about connection. We’ve connected with our consumers for 144 years and we’re still doing so, but in new and exciting ways,” Campbell CEO Denise Morrison said in her opening remarks. “In the last few years, we’ve been building on digital capabilities… This is a space where we’re going to try new things, we’re going to learn from them, and then we’re going to go at it again.”

Campbell has made strides to engage in two-way conversations with consumers and is focused on building brands that have a purposeful position in the lives of people who enjoy Campbell’s foods and beverages. Last year, the company hired its first CMO, Mike Senackerib, who is now overseeing Campbell’s global marketing and communications function, tasked with making Campbell’s iconic brands personally relevant in consumers’ lives.


In 2014, the company will unveil a social and visual media command hub known as “CLIC” — Consumer Listening and Interaction Center. Campbell brands are also prioritizing digital through integrated marketing campaigns that include digital and social alongside traditional media.

Though the Digital Horizons event has ended, the work to keep pace with consumers is an ongoing process. Educational sessions such as Digital Horizons is another step forward as Campbell strengthens relationships with its loyal consumers and connects with new consumers in meaningful ways.


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