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Campbell Fresh President Jeff Dunn talks Uncommon Collaborations @ FoodTank Summit in Washington DC


During the Food Tank Summit Wednesday in Washington, D.C. @Chiefcarrot Jeff Dunn, President of our Campbell Fresh division, discussed our role in finding solutions and driving changes in the food industry by building uncommon collaborations to address consumers’ growing interest in health and transparency.



“What we have to do… on a global basis, is reinvent our food system,” said Jeff. “We need to reinvent it for health, we need to reinvent it for sustainability and ultimately we need to reinvent it so that there is complete transparency. My belief is that reinvention will come out of uncommon collaborations.”

Jeff talked about the arc of uncommon collaborations at the intersection of food, agriculture and technology, and how to translate collaborations into action.

He also discussed how Campbell is taking action in the marketplace to bring its company purpose to life, saying, “We’ve redefined our purpose as real food that matters for life’s moments — starting with real food.”

Food Tank is a non-profit organization with a mission to “build a global community for safe, healthy and nourished eaters.”  It aims to create networks of people, organizations, and content to push for change in the food system.

For more on Jeff’s keynote, click here to view the video.


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