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Campbell Teams up with Nintendo for Mario Soups



Campbell’s newest addition to their Fun Shapes soup line is a character both kids and parents love: Super Mario Bros.

The beloved character makes an appearance as fun-shaped pasta with chicken in broth as well as in SpaghettiOs® with Meatballs. SpaghettiOs, like the Mario character, appeals to both small children and nostalgic adults who grew up eating the fun, slurpable pasta, therefore it seemed a fitting relationship to the SpaghettiOs brand team.

So far, SpaghettiOs brand manager Andrew Spencer has been happy with the results: “The introduction of Mario shaped pasta has helped create excitement for our consumers. Our social media partnership with Nintendo, in particular, demonstrates how our brands can effectively leverage outside partners.” The partnership with Nintendo reaches consumers where they are already interacting with their favorite brands to create buzz.

This exciting release exploded onto the social media scene, with the first post on the SpaghettiOs Facebook page generating 1.8 million views and over 3K shares. In the two months since this announcement, Super Mario shapes have reached nearly 4.3 million through social interaction and sharing.

The gaming community especially has voiced excitement for this partnership. Nintendo’s Mario Kart is one of the top-selling video games for the Wii system and Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U console will be released in Spring 2014.


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