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“Campbell’s Coup” in The Hub Magazine


In The Hub Magazine’s May/June 2014 cover story, “Campbell’s Coup,” Chief Marketing Officer Mike Senackerib discusses Campbell’s strategy for understanding and connecting with consumers.  In this exclusive interview, Senackerib highlights the company’s history, brands, consumers, marketing, future, and return to its ‘consumer first’ mantra. 

“The first and most important thing is understanding the consumer, understanding the insights that are relevant to the consumer, and then turning that into the right, purposeful positioning and communications platform,” said Senackerib.  He emphasized that the greatest challenge when engaging and interacting with consumers is creating an authentic and cohesive consumer experience. 

Following trends and interpreting data is one way Campbell distinguishes its brand experiences. Digital and social media has allowed Campbell to engage in two-way conversations with consumers, giving new outlets for consumers to interact with their favorite brands and provide instant feedback on their brand experiences.  Campbell recently launched a social-media hub where members of the analytics, digital and communications teams can monitor online conversations around a topic or brand and assess the potential opportunity or issue. 

To learn more about how Campbell is evolving its marketing strategies to connect with and engage consumers, read the full interview with Mike Senackerib here.


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