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Dressing up Bolthouse Farms with New Flavors



Bolthouse Farms has recently unveiled Cilantro Avocado and Mango Chipotle dressings, and will launch a line made with Greek yogurt in April.

Carolyn Tao, Director of Marketing, Carrot and Dressing, Bolthouse Farms, said the team tracked flavor trends to find ones that “hadn’t quite hit the dressing market.” Bolthouse Farms is already the No. 1 seller of yogurt-based, refrigerated dressings, and offering a product line made with Greek yogurt, the thicker, higher protein alternative that has taken over the yogurt category, was a natural move.

“These dressings have a creamier texture,” Carolyn said, “and new bottles showcase the difference in formulation.”

Ranch and Blue Cheese are the most popular dressing flavors in the U.S., and Bolthouse Farm has added its own twist with its new Peppercorn Ranch and chunky Bold Blue Cheese. The newer flavor combinations are Creamy Basil and Cucumber Dill, which Carolyn described as “light and bright, almost like a Greek tzatziki sauce.”

These versatile and exciting new dressings can be used far beyond salads, such as for marinades and in cooking.

Be sure to be on the lookout for these new Bolthouse dressings this Spring!


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