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Driving Sustainability from the Ground Up



Sustainability is literally in our roots at Campbell. Our business depends on high quality soil and clean water to produce the crops we need to make great-tasting, nutritious food for people worldwide.

That’s why I’m so optimistic about our latest partnership with Walmart to extend the reach of our joint sustainability efforts even further. Today, at Walmart’s inaugural Product Sustainability Expo, our CEO Denise Morrison pledged to expand our commitment to sustainable agriculture through three powerful initiatives:

“At Campbell, we seek to make a positive, sustainable impact in the world through our purpose –real food that matters for life’s moments,” Denise told the Expo audience. “Campbell is committed to being good stewards of the natural resources that we all share… and to working closely with our customers, growers and suppliers to advance the sustainability of our ingredients… I believe we can make a profit and a difference.”

To read more about our pledge, click here, and to learn more about the Sustainability Expo, click here.

Of course, sustainability’s not a new arena for us. Campbell has been working to protect and preserve our environment for decades. Four years ago, we established goals that include halving our product portfolio’s environmental footprint, including water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, by 2020.

And in our last fiscal year alone, we’ve delivered some big wins across the company:

These are just some of the achievements we’re proud to have announced last week in our 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, What’s In a Name. Check it out at to learn more about how we’re making our sustainable commitments a reality to truly impact positive change.


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