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Easy ways to keep fruits and veggies at family mealtime during back to school


By: Campbell’s Nutrition Team

It’s that time again! Back to school, back to work and back to things getting just all around busy.  You’re adjusting to a new faster-paced schedule and it gets extra tricky to get everyone around the table for a meal (much less cook one), but when you do it’s good to think about how you can factor in those fruits and veggies. It’s easier than you think!

September is National Family Meals Month, a nationwide event geared toward emphasizing the importance of family meals and their benefits. It’s also , a campaign dedicated to celebrating the goodness of the mighty “fruit & veggie.”

Why jump on board the fruit & veggie train?

Fruits and vegetables add color, flavor and texture to your plate and most varieties are low in calories. Adding more and more vegetables is one of our 2016 culinary food trends–another great reason to jump on board this fall as you make meals!

Make Vegetables Center Stage!

Most of us have probably heard about the new trend around “zoodles” or “zaghetti” (noodles made from zucchini), but there are even more ways to make vegetables the center of your plate. This doesn’t mean you have to quit meat cold turkey, but rather make it the side dish. Giving veggies or fruit the lead role at meal time may help cut calories, provide key nutrients like fiber and help you feel full.

Periscope on Summer Veg

Take Friday night pizza, for example. Pile your pizza high with vegetables like mushrooms, zucchini and peppers to save calories and boost your vitamin and mineral intake for the day! “Veggify” pasta night by loading a classic pasta dish with vegetables and topping with a Prego Farmers’ Market™ sauce.


Don’t forget, canned and frozen veggies can also be a budget-friendly, nutritious option to save on your grocery bill.

Extend Meal Time into Dessert – With Fruit

Your family meal time doesn’t have to end once your veggie-filled plates have been cleared. Continue your conversation and fun with the family by enjoying a dessert filled with fruit to top off your intake of vitamins and antioxidants while indulging in the sweetness you crave. Smoothies or dark chocolate dipped bananas are quick and delicious selections. Check out this recipe for Pomegranate Blueberry Granita that provides a full serving of fruit in a frozen, delicious treat! Who said dessert can’t be guilt-free, delicious and nutritious?

Bananas for desert

Go Global

Want to make a meal that will excite your family and bring them running to the dinner table? Are they just tired of the same old things? Try a new globally-inspired meal. Explore some of these creative, nutritious AND delicious Chef-Inspired selections. You don’t need a plane ticket to explore the flavors of faraway lands.

Fall can be a hectic time of year, but take the time to enjoy the company of your family around the dinner table while eating delicious, nutritious meals this month! Combine the celebrations of September (National Family Meals Month AND Fruits & Veggies—More Matters Month) to promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Happy Eating!

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