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From Chore to Explore: Foodie Culture is Expanding


Have you recently snapped a photo of vegetables on display at a farmer’s market or a meal you’ve eaten? Did you upload it to your favorite social network and tell your friends about your experience? Are you familiar with scrolling through endless amounts of drool-worthy food photos hashtagged with phrases like #foodstagram, #foodie, #omnomnom, #foodporn, #hungry and every combination of thereof? Even if you’re not uploading artistically styled photos of your homemade meatloaf, one thing is clear: people love sharing the food they cook, shop for and eat and today, they’re doing it in more digitally connected ways than ever.

Campbell’s recent release of the 2015 Culinary TrendScape lists the top ten food trends our chefs have identified for the coming year, one of which is the “Food is Fun” trend. Fun and experiential learning are at the heart of this cultural trend, whether it’s taking a tour at a craft brewery or seeking out splurge-worthy ingredients for a new recipe.

Food as a Hobby

To many consumers embracing this trend, food isn’t just a means to fuel their body to get them through the day – it is a part of their ritual, from weekly farmer’s markets to community events and pop-up restaurants. They’re taking photos of their food, sharing them as well as liking and commenting on their friends’ experiences. Grocery shopping is no longer a chore for many – it’s the means to be creative in the kitchen and create a meal customized to individual tastes.


Shopping Shifts

As consumers are looking more toward food as an opportunity for personal expression and entertainment, shopping experiences have quickly grown to accommodate these desires. Food subscription services especially have boomed in the past year, where time-strapped food enthusiasts can get custom chef-inspired meal kits, fresh ingredients and snacks delivered straight to their doorstep.


Large food markets and halls like Eataly in New York and Krog Street Market in Atlanta are cropping up in cities across the United States, and in the past 20 years, farmer’s markets have nearly quadrupled. Express retail options have also expanded into vending machines that serve up everything from salads to cupcakes.

Consumers Demand More

The Food is Fun trend is an important trend to watch as consumers demand more out of their food experiences. It is more vital than ever to create engaging and high-quality experiences for these consumers who are enjoying food shopping and preparation in these new and exciting ways.

Read more about the Food is Fun trend and others in the 2015 Culinary TrendScape report.


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