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How Campbell is Making a Difference One Community at a Time


Dave Stangis, Vice President- Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, joined Campbell in 2008 and is responsible for the company’s overarching CSR, Sustainability & Community Affairs strategy, as well as the Campbell Soup Foundation. We were fortunate enough to interview him for our latest Camp Campbell virtual mentorship session (video below).

Here are some of the key takeaways about Campbell’s unique approach to CSR, according to Dave Stangis:

Campbell encourages every employee to get involved.

During orientation, new employees are told how they can leverage their unique skill set to support Corporate Social Responsibility— whether they’re in finance, marketing or a member of the culinary team. Campbell also offers employees an opportunity to volunteer in the community during the annual Make A Difference Week.

Campbell empowers employees to drive change outside company walls.

For example, board trainings are offered to educate about how to get involved in non-profit boards and the expectations associated with the role.

“You can make a profit and make a difference.”

Campbell’s sustainability strategy has saved the company upwards of $60 million over the past few years alone by increasing the use of renewable energy and water conservation efforts.

When it comes to developing and measuring impact in the community, Campbell is committed to share our learnings with others.

As part of Campbell’s community efforts in their hometown of Camden, New Jersey, we developed an open source, collective impact framework that leverages physical activity, nutrition education and access to healthy foods to reduce hunger and childhood obesity. We continue to measure and refine this framework as we wish to replicate and share its successes with other communities and brands around the world.


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