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employee entering building with thermal scanner|employee at cape cod chip plant

Keeping our employees safe and keeping up with demand


Our employees are stepping up to meet the increased demand for food, and our Supply Chain team is working hard to protect our front-line teams with increased safety precautions, while keeping the food supply resilient.

Ensuring the continued safety of our teams

To ensure the well-being and safety of our front-line teams, we have strong protocols in place throughout our field operations, including:

Protecting employees through the use of thermal imaging temperature screenings

We continue to implement innovative ways to keep our teams safe. Our Engineering team has led the roll out of thermal imaging scanners at manufacturing sites and other locations.

The devices instantly alert the screener to anyone who has a temperature reading of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and anyone at that threshold or above is not permitted to enter. Using this technology is safer and faster than conventional temperature gauges.

Together We Can: Grateful for our front-line teams

Our employees are playing a critical role getting food to our customers, neighbors and our communities across North America. We are grateful for our supply chain employees, in-store sales teams, independent distributors, partners and their families, for meeting the challenge.

In recognition of the ongoing efforts and performance in the face of continued demand for our products, we are extending the premium payments to our front-line teams for an additional two weeks, through August 1/2 (depending on regular payroll workweek cycle). These premium payments apply to approximately 11,000 front-line team members at our manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers. We are also extending our temporary supplemental payment to our in-store field-based sales employees.

employee at cape cod chip plant

A sign at our Cape Cod Potato Chips plant in Hyannis, Mass. Signs recognizing the contributions of our team are visible at all of our facilities. Ads in local newspapers in our plant communities thanked our teams and their families.

At our Campbell Snacks facility in Bloomfield, Conn., plant manager Bob Manning is focused on leading the site with a positive, employee-first mindset.

Each day, Bob highlights a different employee on the site’s bulletin boards, acknowledging the essential role they play in feeding America.

“Every day, as I walk the floor, I tell the team that we have a far greater responsibility and that is to feed America,” said Manning. “Every loaf we put out feeds one more family in this time of need.”

Meeting the increased demand for our soups and snacks

As people prepare more meals at home, we’re seeing an increased demand for our soups and snacks.

We’re hiring employees to meet the increased demand for food. Find open jobs in our manufacturing and distribution centers, and apply to join the Campbell team.


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