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Meet the Campbell Chefs: Executive Chef Maria Gamble



Maria Gamble is Executive Chef, Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute (CCBI). She has been with Campbell for 14 years in various roles, supporting the development of new products and recipes. You’ll often see her planning menus for special Campbell events and dinners, and she even supported the creation of the Woman’s Day 2014 Red Dress Awards menu.

Maria also recently demonstrated cooking with spirits for St. Patrick’s Day with whiskey braised short ribs and more.

We got to sit down with Chef Maria and pick her brain about life as a Campbell Chef and her favorite foods.

You’ve been with the company for 14 years! Tell us a little about how Campbell has changed in that amount of time as someone who has been so involved in product development.

MG: Through the years we have approached the Chef’s role in product development in a variety of ways. Today, we are positioned as front line developers in partnership with our team of Food Scientists. This partnership is key to developing products that encompass both the culinary and the science expertise areas within product development.

What Campbell product excites you the most?

MG: Skillet Sauces are my favorite go-to product these days. I’m biased because I was on the team that developed this product line, however, in my busy life as a full-time professional and full-time mom, they have come in handy quite a bit. I’m also a big fan of our new Swanson Flavor Infused broths – I guess you can tell I’m often in a time crunch for dinner solutions!

Is there a “typical day” in the life of a Campbell Chef? What is it like?

MG: The only thing typical is change! My team works across corporate & business initiatives so shifting priorities quickly and efficiently is critical to our success. It’s also a perk that a typical day includes creating and tasting some very delicious food!

What is your go-to meal on a busy weeknight?

MG: Since we have a variety of palates in my house and demanding schedules, my go-to is roasting or grilling chicken on the weekend then customizing it in different ways throughout the week. It saves me time but also allows for creative customization of flavors.

What kitchen tool can you not live without?

MG: Probably my Chef’s knife. I’m all about practical, useful tools in the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite food or cuisine?

MG: I love to explore a variety of cuisines, but my favorite comfort food would be Italian Roasted Pork or a really good burger!

Any tips from an experienced chef for everyday cooks?

MG: For me, it’s about bringing my family and friends together to enjoy a great food experience. When entertaining, never spread yourself too thin and remember your prep time is the most important step. Choose 1 or 2 featured items for your menu and spend ample time preparing so when your guests arrive, you can enjoy the company & great food.


Campbell Soup Company has a dedicated Campbell’s Culinary & Baking Institute (CCBI) that works in collaboration with our Research & Development team to bring new bold, exciting products and flavors to Campbell’s portfolio. Every month, we’ll put the spotlight on one of our chefs to learn more about their passions and how they translate to the Campbell products consumers see on the shelves.


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