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Meet Umang Shah, Campbell’s new Director, Global Social Media & Digital Marketing


Why Campbell?

In short, timing.

The way I see it, the entire digital marketing space is undergoing an evolution, and the way we used to think about marketing is changing. Today, we focus on social media strategies, web strategies and mobile strategies separately. Instead, we need to think about how we use all of these channels (and more) to tell a story. Better still, to take our audience on a journey by presenting compelling content in a relevant way, with a consistent theme across all channels – traditional or emerging.

This shift in thinking requires brands to take a risk and to do things differently. Campbell is in the midst of a change. A big change. Campbell doesn’t just make soup anymore. It’s a growing global food company with everything from fresh juices to cookies. The company is redefining itself and its future depends on its ability to do just that.

This is why it is the perfect time for me to join the Campbell team, to help drive this change and to help tell that new story. Since I announced that I was leaving Walmart to join Campbell, I have heard a lot of “soup” jokes. Then again, I heard “People of Walmart” jokes when I joined Walmart. I even heard “evil empire” jokes when I joined Microsoft. From my perspective though, digital is uniquely positioned to help brands reinvent themselves and change hearts and minds along the way, and that’s no joke.

A lot of people talk about being disruptive. Truly being disruptive is about thinking differently and having the courage to act on those ideas. That is exactly what we are going to do at Campbell. And I can’t wait.


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