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New York Times Reports On Campbell's Recipe Changes to Kids' Soups


A recent New York Times article reported on some changes we are making on a variety of our kids’ chicken and pasta soup. We want to be very clear that the recipe changes are to two varieties of kids’ soup, not our beloved Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle soup. Those kids’ varieties are: Star Wars, pictured above, and Frozen Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth.

The new kids’ soup recipes are part of our commitment to make products which are simpler and fit with changing consumer preferences. This is something we first started talking about in July. As our President and CEO, Denise Morrison said then:

“Our Purpose – Real Food That Matters for Life’s Moments – has had a profound impact on Campbell, on our food, on the role we play in people’s lives and on the actions we need to take to live up to this lofty aspiration. It has fundamentally altered how we think about our food from Farm to Spoon, from how it’s grown and the ingredients we select to how we prepare our foods and the types of brands we want to add to our portfolio. Today, we’re talking, thinking and acting differently about the food we make.

We anticipate this approach will lead to, or accelerate, meaningful changes in our products, including replacing certain artificial ingredients. And that’s just the beginning. These are critically important steps with far-reaching implications for Campbell. I believe these actions will strengthen our relationships with loyal consumers, rekindle the connection with people who have long loved our brands but may have found alternatives and establish strong new connections with new generations of consumers.”

Read the full New York Times story here.


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