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Campbell HQ Camden, NJ

Our strategy to drive profitable growth


This week, we held an Investor Day where members of our leadership team discussed our progress and the next phase of our strategy to drive profitable growth.

We’re creating new ways to connect people through the food they love. You can watch the full Investor Day presentation here.

Mark Clouse: “A stronger company that is advantaged for the future”

Our CEO Mark Clouse talked about how we’ve delivered against the five key elements of our turnaround plan, including simplifying and focusing the company, transforming the team and culture, driving growth in Snacks and stabilizing Meals & Beverages, fueling investment through cost savings, and reducing debt.

With this strong foundation in place, we’re well positioned with three key advantages:

Valerie Oswalt: “The Snacks growth engine

Valerie Oswalt, President of our Campbell Snacks division, shared how the division is accelerating growth, with a clear roadmap to increase and sustain higher margins.

“Our portfolio of brands is well positioned to meet consumers’ desire for elevated snacking experiences.”

– Valerie Oswalt, EVP, President, Campbell Snacks

Chris Foley: “Winning in soup and beyond”

In Meals & Beverages, we’re transforming growth in the center of the store so that we’re always relevant—now and for the next generation.

We are winning in soup and reaching more millennials and younger consumers than ever. We plan to continue modernizing and innovating—but we’re more than just soup! Chris Foley, President of Meals & Beverages, talked about our sauce business continuing to capture market share and grow, with the goal to expand sauces to a $1 billion business. And in plant-based beverages, we’ll power growth through V8 and Pacific Foods.

Our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy

Caring for our community and the planet has always been fundamental to who we are as a company. We have a comprehensive ESG platform that builds on our legacy of positive impact and reflects today’s expectations and responsibilities.

Mick Beekhuizen: “Creating significant shareholder value”

Our Chief Financial Officer, Mick Beekhuizen, highlighted our clear roadmap to accelerate growth and improve margins in Snacks and deliver sustained growth in Meals & Beverages which will unlock our full growth potential and create significant shareholder value. He also highlighted plans to generate more than $4 billion of operating cash from fiscal 2022 to 2025 and shifting capital allocation priorities to include selective acquisitions.

“With a significantly strengthened balance sheet and rigor around financial strategy, we have transformed Campbell and are positioned to accelerate growth and expand margins.”

– Mick Beekhuizen, EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Connecting people through food they love

At Campbell, it’s all about connections. Hear from some of our consumers, talking about the food they love:

We’re focused on unlocking the full growth potential of the company. Watch our Investor Day presentations to learn more about our plan for growth.


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